Gathering Software for [small] Distribution

  powerless 19:57 06 Nov 2003


I have a computer, I have a CD Burner, I have some CD-R's, I know where the software is available for download as I reproduce many Click here, daily, recommending them.

As you may or may not know we can [as indvidual users] download software free of charge, freeware, shareware because of some very genorous people.

Now If I were to collect all of the software [that i'm thinking of collecting] - and burn them onto a CD, what would I have to do LEGALLY to distribute this CD?

AS the software will be "free" in the first place can I just not, Pack and ship a CD to its new owner?

NO! charge what-so-ever will be asked for, maybe P&P but - no profit in the end.

I'm thinking the EULA will have to be read very carefully?

Thank you for your time. :-)

  Djohn 20:08 06 Nov 2003

Can't see any problem with that Chris. j.

  rowdy 20:51 06 Nov 2003

Some of the 'freeware ' is part financed by advertising on the sites folk have to visit to get it. More so I believe for the 'shareware '.

You will certainly have to read each EULA carefully.

You could write a magazine and give it away free with each CD, that would make a change.


  Jester2K II 21:09 06 Nov 2003

Shareware is NOT free. It usually has a free numbers of uses / time period before which it MUST be paid for or removed.

If you wanted to put it on a CD then check the EULA of each program. Some say you can freely distribute un-altered copies, however some might not allow that and ask you give the website URL instead.

It would appear the "norm" is to contact the author for permission. I've been approached by 2 or 3 magazines (none from the UK though) and have given permission for my software to be distributed on cover disks.

It might be best to contact the author just out of politeness.

Also some EULA allow you to charge for materials (CDs) and P&P but not the contents.

Maybe the CD Editor is the person to ask here??

  powerless 21:25 06 Nov 2003

Well i have a few EULA to go through then and to find an email address.

"Maybe the CD Editor is the person to ask here??"

You see my MKII, at the top? Well there was a MKI, i'll let you figure it out...

  Jester2K II 21:41 06 Nov 2003

Sorry i thought i'd seen something like this before.... (Slaps head...)

  powerless 20:42 07 Nov 2003

ok any other thoughts?

  Sir Radfordin 21:06 07 Nov 2003

You are just going to have to read the EULA for each piece of software that you were going to put on the disk. And in some cases you may need to ask permission to do so.

Once you have done that I expect you would need to create your own EULA to repeat all that is said, and say what could then be done with your disk.

  Belatucadrus 23:05 07 Nov 2003

Regardless of the license, it would probably be polite to e-mail the developers and ask for their approval. Those who use the GNU public license will almost certainly not have any issues with it. Others may want you to add a link to their website. The problem may crop up with the Free for home use versions of commercial stuff like avast!, Sygate & AVG. Best of luck it looks like a good idea.

  Djohn 23:47 07 Nov 2003

I agree with Belatucadrus, and wish you the best of luck with your venture. I've seen the hard work and extent of your help section, also your own site where you have placed many graphics as well as text in an attempt to help others.

Well done Chris. J.

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