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  charlton200 11:41 23 Apr 2008

I have never changed my energy suppliers before,
so i am still with southern electric and British gas.
If i change will it be best to do dual fuel or keep them separate?
I have been on the comparison sites and British gas energy 5 came out with the best savings.
They have not got a good customer record and it would mean going to an on-line account.

Do any of you good people have an on-line account with your supplier and are they OK.

Do any of you recommend British gas or have you any other ones that you think offer good value for money.

And if you recommend an on-line account or not, as these seem to offer the biggest savings.

thank you for any advise.

  Horik 16:36 23 Apr 2008

Personally I'd avoid British Gas and E.On like the plague - both have a terrible customer service record; NPower aren't much better either.

Among the better companies are Southern, SWALEC, Scottish Power and the best kept secret in the utilities industry - Ebico.

  laurie53 20:44 23 Apr 2008

Definitely avoid British Gas.

At the last count Energywatch gets more complaints about them than all the others put together.

I am with them and they are pretty rubbish. The only reason I haven't yet changed is that there are horror stories about most of the others too.

Whichever one you choose, check if they give a dual fuel discount, and how much it is.

  oresome 21:55 23 Apr 2008

I have used on-line accounts with E-On for a few years with no problems. Be aware that the best tariff this week may not be next week!

E-On are on something like issue 6 of their on-line tariff and they don't move you across have to stay vigilant.

  Stuartli 23:26 23 Apr 2008

We've been with PowerGen (now E-On) for some years on the StayWarm scheme (fixed monthly price for gas and electricity).

The customer service has been first class; furthermore PowerGen readily met a request for our property to have cavity wall insulation and additional loft insulation done free of charge.

Generally speaking, taking out a dual fuel supply contract with an energy supplier should work out cheaper.

  Horik 00:18 24 Apr 2008

I can only go on my experience - as the Social Policy Coordinator for my local Citizens Advice Bureau I can tell you that the complaints that I've received for E.On have been second only to complaints for British Gas - I guess they have to get it right sometimes; lucky you lol.

  Horik 00:44 24 Apr 2008

My experiences with E.On (formerly Powergen) include door-to-door agents falsifying signatures to transfer clients to their services, poor administration on several fronts including metering and billing, and extremely poor customer service - which you really don't want me to elaborate on, believe me.

A single example should suffice:
I am currently attempting to convince E.On that a customer of theirs, who is currently paying 3rd party deductions from her disablement benefit to pay her bill, has a quantum meter and not a standing cold meter. She is in effect being billed twice at the moment - despite an engineer from E.On calling to service her appliances; couldn't service them as she had no credit on her prepayment meter (which according to E.On she doesn't have!)

Incidentally, the common conception that a duel fuel tariff is cheapest can be misplaced - it pays to read the small print and also to be aware of issues such as payment method, the effect of a standing charge as opposed to 'selective pricing' of your usage, and the effect of possible future price rises on your tariff.

Uswitch doesn't necessarily have all the answers, my friend.

  charlton200 07:55 24 Apr 2008

Thanks for your interesting views.

It seem that the comparison sites point to you the very cheepest. they should point out more that price is not always everything and that customer service counts for a lot as well.


  dms_05 08:43 24 Apr 2008

If you think you have problems with British Gas then consider mine. I bought an apartment in a recently refurbished Victorian property. Previously it had been very down at heel and was eventually 6 bedsits. The developer has done a marvelous job and I now have 1 of 3 large split level 3 bedroom apartments. So far so good.

The developer removed everything, even the beams and floors. He refitted to the highest standards and I have the latest digital meters for both gas and electricity. I have a joint fuel account with Scottish Power and that works well.

Now for British Gas, with whom I have no agreement and no previous contact. They insist I am been supplied both gas and electricity by them through meters that were removed at the time of the renovation. No amount of arguement or discussion will persuade them otherwise. They bill me regularly on an estimated basis for both fuels. They send threatening letters and meter readers. The latter agree the meters don't exist but BG say they do and I must be showing the meter reader the wrong meters.

Needless to say I'm not paying BG. I've asked then to come and disconnect the 'virtual supply' but they refuse until I pay the arrears. I, along with the meter readers continue to report the meters are not in place anymore.

Now BG are insisting I have stolen their meter and want me to pay them compensation. I've suggested we go to Court where hopefully someone will have a bit of a brain and can see that BG are out of control. They decline to do so.

I'm not (and won't) pay but what if I'd been a 75 year old widow receiving all this venom from BG?

Needless to say I'll never buy anything from BG and I tell as many people as I can what a shambles they are.

By comparison Scottish Power are excellent. They have taken up my case with BG, even though they aren't directly involved. BG doesn't believe them either despite Scottish Power supplying BG with documentary evidence that I'm a Scottgish Power customer.

  tillybaby 08:48 24 Apr 2008

I'm in the process of changing suppliers from N Power to Southern electtric, I had the misfortune of having to call N Power to pay a bill and was kept waiting for nearly 45 mins. goodness knows how long i would have had to wait if I'd pressed the complaints button,

Then I phoned Southern electric,the phone was answered on the second ring, what a difference.

  xania 09:50 24 Apr 2008

dms_05 - Don't muck about with BG any longer - formal complaint to OFGEM

click here

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