Garmin nuvi 350

  Graham. 20:32 03 Jul 2007

As reviewed click here

Any feedback from the forum, please? Maplins have them at £250, which is my target price.

  AlanHo 08:40 04 Jul 2007

I replaced my Garmin 2610 and new Road Angel with a Nuvi 350 because i could enjoy their combined features in just one unit.

The Nuvi is very compact, will operate off its internal battery and includes speed camera warnings. It has clear mapping, excellent audio directions, fast satellite acquisition and is very easy to use.

I use it extensively in the UK and have taken it to France, Spain, Tenerife and Portugal where it proved invaluable.

The only thing I miss is that with the Garmin 2610 I could plan detailed routes which included a number of via points and download them to the sat-nav. With the Nuvi you can download waypoints - but not complete routes. I get around this by setting each required destination in sequence as I carry out the journey - a small price to pay for such a compact unit that slips into a shirt pocket.

  AlanHo 08:43 04 Jul 2007

You can get better prices than Maplin - try Googling
For example click here

  Graham. 08:44 04 Jul 2007

Where would I get the best price?

  Graham. 08:44 04 Jul 2007

I'm just checking them.

  Graham. 08:51 04 Jul 2007

Global Position price £230. I think for £20 I will go for Maplins - I can take it right back if I don't like it (bought in error).

  Graham. 08:57 04 Jul 2007

But there again, Maplins nearest stock is 50 miles away.

  Graham. 20:03 04 Jul 2007

Brilliant! Just what I wanted - while it lasted. It shut down after 30 minutes, and no amount of charging will bring it back to life.

My local Maplins say they can't order a replacement (there's only 4 in the warehouse anyway) and can only offer to take it in and have a replacement posted out, which could take a week.

So I shall take it in tomorrow for a refund instead. Meanwhile, I have ordered one from Global Positioning.

  Graham. 14:46 05 Jul 2007

I've amended my order to a 360T, which I am told is the latest model. It comes with Traffic Receiver, Bluetooth and Speed Cameras at £285, delivered before 9am tomorrow.

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