gardenin seed compost

  Terry Brown 15:53 05 Mar 2012

Normally I buy the bulk compost from a supermarket of superstore, put the seeds /plants in and if they grow else they don't.

This year I would like to try something different, and use a good quality compost to start seeds off (Tomatoes, Aubergines and various flowers for the wife-she has not decided what she wants yet)

The problem is they all say for seed and plants, some cheapies and some expensive. How can I know what is best.Quality and price.

Any suggestions for good composts based on your own use.

Thanks Terry

  iscanut 15:56 05 Mar 2012

Look for outlets that sell John Innes compost. This is graded depending on what use it is for. For example grade 1 for seeds, grade 2 for cuttings and potting on, etc... Try it and see how you get on. A lot of nurseries will make their own up to this John Innes standard.

  iscanut 20:32 05 Mar 2012

Forgot a link for you

  Aitchbee 08:25 06 Mar 2012

I have found the compost that Lidl sell to be of a good quality. They are currently selling a 40l bag for £1.99.

They were also doing a 20l bag for 99p, but they might have sold out by now.

  Terry Brown 13:00 06 Mar 2012

iscanut & AitchBEE

Thanks for your replies.

I know that John Innes has a good reputation, so I will give that a try, as you also suggested, I'll have a talk with my local plant nursery to see what they suggest.

I will also go to my local LIDL store (I have one abouut 10 mile away) and try a bag of theirs for either seed starting or for growing on. Last year I tried the ASDA compost and I was not very satisfied with the quality- Forever drying out,and very course.Plants also sems to grow slowly unless they were heavily fed.

Tried the system as favoured on TV. One set with no added fertilizer and the one with extra Fertilizer used DOFF from ALDI.


  Terry Brown 16:19 08 Mar 2012

iscanut & AitchBEE

I have had a look around and decided to try John Innes No.1, which Wilkinsons is doing a special on at the moment.

All I need now is some good weather and to 'persuade' someone to do the weeding for me (Any Volunteers?)


  QuizMan 18:18 08 Mar 2012

Personally, I don't like John Innes for seed growing although JI #2 & #3 are great for growing plants in containers later on.

Gardening Which? current best buy for sowing seeds is J Arthur Bower's Multipurpose compost with added John Innes.

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