Gaming/editing PC - any advice on where to buy?

  Papa Lazarou 23:47 13 Jun 2007

Hi all - firstly thanks for any advice people can offer me, I'm pretty much a novice in terms of what the guts of a pc are made of but am picking up a lot as I make decisions and research components.

I have around £1200-£1300 (can maybe push slightly more but I'd rather not!) to buy a new PC. I'm looking for a system that I can use for gaming and editing video, as well as the day to day email/internet/burning dvd's. I also want to futureproof my PC as much as I can, so I was looking at getting an SLI motherboard and the best graphics card I could afford, then add another later.

Lastly, I don't want to self-build, I'm not in any way confident or experienced enough to do this.

Can anyone recommend a good place to buy, or am I looking for too much for my available cash? I looked at Evesham after reading this forum, but they seem to be out of my price range in terms of the spec I'm hoping to get, so maybe I am aiming too high? A friend also suggested Scan, which lok great but again, I could be too ambitious as the specs I want look to be about £400 more than I have to spend.

Thanks for any info or advice offered. If I've missed any details out, please let me know - as I say, I'm learning loads as I get into researching all this!

  wee eddie 07:33 14 Jun 2007

You should, of course, be looking for a graphics set-up that can handle 2 Monitors, preferably 3.

  Papa Lazarou 08:19 14 Jun 2007

Wee Eddie, yes, only looking for the base unit. I'm going to make do with my one already owned monoitor at the momement but for editing it is something that I would be looking to add another.

I hadn't considered 3 - to be honest I probably don't have the space for it.

  wee eddie 11:56 14 Jun 2007

But then that's his job. Making nature films for TV.

I don't really understand how the set-up works, but it's 2 base units and 5 monitors, all networked and potentially working on the same thing. Maybe that's overkill but while I watched, 3 of the screens were in use during the Editing process.

  Papa Lazarou 08:29 15 Jun 2007

sounds like a great set up, but way beyond what I need. ANyone have any advice? If I am aiming to high in terms of what I have to spend, should I be looking to cut back a bit? Or can anyone point me in the right direction please? Many thanks.

  Starfox 14:42 15 Jun 2007

If it's a good reliable supplier you're looking for I can highly recommend these guys click here .

Interesting thread about them at click here and click here.

  Papa Lazarou 11:23 17 Jun 2007

Thanks for the recommendation. Having looked at their site and the feedback on the forum you linked to, I'm certainly considering these guys.

The one thing that concerned me was that if i opted for dual 320m 8800 gfx cards (and this is by far the cheapest site I've seen with a pc specced for them), they only offered a 720w PSU, which I was wary about as I have been recommended 850/900w. However, their response to my query was very quick and said 720w would be more than enough.

I just wish I could add a raptor drive! But then you can't have everything (unless you can spend more than I can lol). Impressed with the feedback they have received on here.

  BioBob 22:09 22 Jun 2007

I agree with them, 720W should be fine. I did find an online PSU calculator but cant track it down now; but i was surprised at how little power I actually needed... perhaps the calc was on the blink. I can only vouch for one other company click here ; e-mail a quote to them and ask for a competitive quote.. may even get that Raptor!

There are a few other companys being mentioned in the forums, but no experience of them, sorry!

  fillythebish 23:10 22 Jun 2007

I would of thought 1000w better. 750w is enough to run the pc but when your playing a game for a few hours and all the fans and cooling systems are running at max and the card is demanding more power it can lead to random restarts and motherboard failure or so I have been told.

I enquired about the power supply for one 8800 with a core duo processor and advanced cooling and was told by a few different help lines that 600w would be the minimum to keep it stable and 700w if I intended to use it alot.

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