gaming ststem needed

  ouijaouija 16:20 06 Aug 2004

click here
Is this any good? can anyone recommend me cheap site?

click here seems very cheap too.

  Urotsukidoji 16:59 06 Aug 2004

if you want to build your own, try scan or, for a gaming system Processor ram, ram and more ram, and kick ass gfx.

for a built system try alienware, if money is no object.

specced a pci express game system recently with a 42" tri screen monitor, and top name bits. came in a shade under £3000 so the wife said no :'o(

  ouijaouija 17:21 06 Aug 2004

I am buying with a STRICT budget. Any links to a decent gaming system site would be great.

I have no idea how to construct pcs so that is a nono for me.


  Urotsukidoji 17:25 06 Aug 2004

how strict is strict?

give me an idea of your budget and i will help if i can

  BITS&BOBS 17:32 06 Aug 2004

Gaming system on a budget? look no further than this little baby:click here

  ouijaouija 17:34 06 Aug 2004

by strict I mean about 600 maybe 700. This must include a cheapy monitor,graphics card, mouse, keyboard... and windxp... see my problem? I am loking for 512ram, about 3000xp(not too fussy give or take)


  Urotsukidoji 21:02 06 Aug 2004

difficult. very difficult
bits'n'bobs link on paper looks nice.

but why does it have raid? there is nothing to raid!
the gfx card is a bit weedy for the newr games - far cry/ halflife 2 (IF it ever comes out)/ Doom 3 - check out the benchmarks for the gfx card for these games


things to look out for are software support - premium rate (ie £1/min) for ALL software incl O/S - some do this, some do not check before you sign your life away

you could look at evesham, - some hate em some love em, see the fence? thats where you will find me, not being an evesham customer, i can't pass comment - and please boys and girls no "i hate evesham" posts - this is not the place

click here for the evesham pc @ £799

or with "a bit of techie knowledge" (ie played with lego/meccano as a kid j/k :oP ) try a barebone system and add to it. for instance: click here
and build from there. i just ran a test spec, WITHOUT KBD/MOUSE/MONITOR/ speakers and onboard sound, but with a nvidia 256 gfx card coming in at a gnats under £800 - i know its over your stated budget, BUT if you want a gaming system like you say you WILL need a meaty gfx card to cope with all the Anti Aislising and shading stuff these newr games are using. and they weigh in at around £250-£350 mark.

see if you can cut corners, use your old monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse.

weigh up what you want vs what you need - this is very very hard to do because you will, like most of us convince yourself what you want is what you need. kids in sweetshops and all that ;oP

let us know how you get on

  ouijaouija 21:25 06 Aug 2004

One of the few places that seem to have bargain stuff is

If you take a look there and customise you will come up with a cheaper desktop than anywhere else. COuld someone please check out the components etc they offer in the systems? Thanks

I have pasted what I want below and that al important price.

I was thinking...

Athlon XP3000+ 333FSB Barton processor
ASRock K7S8X Motherboard
512mb Kingston memory
120gg 7200rpm IDE
FX5700 geforce graphics card
Windows xp
cdx52 (upgradable)
Monitor, keyboard, mouse,modem
4x USB2 Ports - 2 Front, 2 Rear
12 months RTB Warranty

Comes to about £600

  ouijaouija 21:27 06 Aug 2004
  BITS&BOBS 14:48 09 Aug 2004

Not bad for £700inc and a score of 5250 in 3DMark03 back up it's not light weight in gaming power:click here

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