Gaming PC purchase advice, money burning a hole

  reformedrebel 09:33 05 Dec 2014


I would be very grateful for some advice, Thanks to the wonderful world of PPI, I currently have some disposable income burning a hole in my pocket, I am an old school PC gamer who started back in the DOS days, but then got lured away by consoles and Macs. Suffice to say I have seen the light and wish to return to the wonderful world of PC gaming.

I am looking at the scan haswell system

click here I need to include a monitor, such as the ASUS VS239HR LED IPS

I will mainly be playing FPS and simulators, often through my TV rather than the monitor.

This system comes in at £1300, which is a little my budget of £1000.

I am considering doing a self build but it seems there is not a big enough saving to outweigh Scans 3 year warranty.

So, could I ask you experts if you have any suggestions for either a pre or self built system including monitor that will get me a little closer to budget?

Thanks in advance for your time,



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