Gaming PC for £400? Would a TV be suitable to?

  chrislols 10:27 26 Sep 2015

Hello I'm new to this forums for I really would like a PC that is able to run games ok. I would only have about £400 budget, not a lot but can I get a decent one? Also I have little space to put it but would a TV 40 inch TV be suitable from about 6 foot away. Thanks

  chrislols 08:02 29 Sep 2015


  wee eddie 10:59 29 Sep 2015

To be realistic, £400 will not buy you a PC that will be a competent Gaming Machine. It will be able to play Games but with any, newish, Games you would need to be be operating at a low Frame Rate and at a very reduced resolution.

Relatively few PC Gamers use a TV as a Monitor

  wee eddie 11:01 29 Sep 2015

The main reason for no replies is that few people like to be the bearer of bad news

  mole1944 03:22 30 Sep 2015

Look at it this way,you can't buy a Ferrari for the price of a mini.

  spuds 10:06 30 Sep 2015

Suggest that you look on somewhere like eBay or Gumtree for a suitable 'gaming' computer, that might be for sale in your own location. Check it out, and go from there. Nothing like having a test run, before you decide what you might want and can actually afford.

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