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  hzhzhzhz 20:50 19 Mar 2011

A little advise would be appreciated concerning the purchase of a pc for a friend. Although I usually buy from Novatech,I just wonder what you thought about a configuration I put together from Pcspecialist.

mainly-- Coolermaster elite 310
Athlon 11 x2 265
Asus M4A87TD mobo
4GB Ram
Radeon 5770
600w Quad rail psu
The pc will be used for Sims and other games.

Cost will come to £572 inc Win7

The Novatech pc I am considering is the iRush pro at £670 inc Win7

  AL47 23:08 19 Mar 2011

hopefully nothing too demanding games wise?

  hzhzhzhz 23:17 19 Mar 2011

no AL47,nothing too demanding.

  Armchair 12:24 20 Mar 2011

It's way overpriced. You can do a lot better than that.

  hzhzhzhz 12:47 20 Mar 2011

"It's way overpriced. You can do a lot better than that."

Ok,seeing as my friend lives near to Cougar in Nottingham,I had a look on their site and put a system together.

Asus M4A78LT-m-LE. mobo
Phenom X2555
4GB Ram
ATI 5750
CiT 500 psw
250GB sata
Griffin case with 220cm fan
Win7 64 bit.
Cost = £465.

  Armchair 20:26 20 Mar 2011

Click on Customise, and swap the 300w PSU for the 550w HEC dual rail one, taking the price to £420. When it arrives, install a graphics card of your choice (if that doesn't invalidate the 3 year warranty! You'd have to ask them about that).

click here

The i3 2100 CPU in that PC is far better for gaming (not a good buy if you want to overclock it, though) at stock speeds than those AMD ones you've listed so far. The 5770 is a decent budget card, but it might be worth paying a bit extra for a GTX 460 (not the SE version, though).

  hzhzhzhz 20:51 20 Mar 2011

or this one Armchair. click here

  Aitchbee 20:58 20 Mar 2011

You can get a second hand original X box for £15.
Usually come with a 3 months guarentee.
You need a TV to connect it up.
Charity Shops do original games for £2-£4
Have a look in your local Games shops.
It's just a suggestion.
I like to keep 'my serious computer' seperate from any games that I might play ocassionally.
Have a chat with you friend.

  Armchair 21:07 20 Mar 2011

Yes, that's a good set up for the price, and better value than the one I linked to. The GTX 550 falls between the 5770 and GTX 460, and would be a decent choice.

3 year warranty, strong CPU, plenty of RAM with two empty slots to add more if necessary, decent GPU and PSU, roomy case...... That's a good buy imo.

  hzhzhzhz 21:18 20 Mar 2011

Thanks for your responses folks,Armchair especially.
It looks very likely that I'll go for the Mesh 550. I'm buying it for my daughters boyfriend although he doesn't know it yet :)

Thanks again Armchair.

  oncebitten 14:12 21 Mar 2011

Why would you go for a GTX550 when the radeon 6850 is $10 more?
The 6850 will spank it silly.

You're paying 400 pounds for the box then you need the graphics card on top of that.
I would go with hz^2 original suggestion anway the X255 is plenty for gaming of this type and will overclock up to 4GHz. The I3 cannot be overclocked at all and really the 5750 is more than enough for Sims WoW etc. And you get to save 100 pounds. beer money :)

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