Gaming PC (£1700 budget) - request for help

  iainre 17:52 26 Jan 2010

Hi, I know these forums are filled with these reqeusts but I guess the nature of the PC market is that the advice gets old real quickly.

I've had a read of all the recent stuff (say last 6 months) so have at least some idea of the questions to ask.

Anyway, I hope that you can help with suggesting somewhere to shop for the following...

A couple of points that I guees should help:

1. Need a monitor (22" or larger pref, can buy seperately if people think better deal)
2. Budget is £1700 inc VAT
3. Would really like 2 x 5870 but can be convinced of value of lesser cards
4. 6gb ram +
5. SSD boot HDD if possible but not deal breaker
6. Not bo thered about blu ray
7. Need all peripherals (mouse etc), but again willing to buy seperately if better deal (please advise)
8. Post sales customer service is important [lot of Mesh rage on this forum I've noticed! :) ]
9. What is the best (value and noise) cooling option in people's opinion?

I've looked at machines from Mesh (Slayer), Chillblast, Dell (Alienware), Cougar and Novatech but am struggling to get my head around the various options. All seem to be a lacking one thing or the other (maybe I can't get it for my price)

Which provides the best support, upgradability, value, fliexibility, customisability at ordering, deals, sales?

Is there anyone I should avoid? Is there any particular motherboard, psus, cooling etc that I should look for in chosing between in a die break?

Many many thanks, I hope you can shed a little light, my brain is fried trying to draw a picture in my mind of all the options.


  inmymind 19:01 26 Jan 2010


You really wouldn't need 2 x 5870 cards for a 22-24" monitor. One would be more than enough.

Have you considered building it yourself? Can pick exactly what you want in it then.

  iainre 23:36 26 Jan 2010

Thanks inmymind, I guess the 2x5870 is more with a view to future expansion once the coffers are refilled. I would hope to have a three monitor setup but am looking at 12 months or so to raise the case for that.

Do you reckon it's just worthwhile getting one card now and expanding in the future?

  Strawballs 04:12 27 Jan 2010

Unless you are wanting to use 64bit O/S more than 4gig of ram is a waste.

Only get one card, save the cash for later then install second when you add additional monitors.

  inmymind 07:12 27 Jan 2010

I think get one for now, when/if you need a second one, the price of the cards will be much less than now. :)

  GaT7 11:34 27 Jan 2010

I would echo the others' suggestions - one card now. In a year you'll be able to pick up another for much less, & perhaps even a bargain off eBay for example.

Iirc, most S1366 motherboards can do both SLI & Crossfire, but just make sure you're getting one that matches your initial choice of GPU.

Strawballs, I may be mistaken, but I think 6Gb is needed to run DDR3 RAM in triple-channel - otherwise it runs in dual-channel. RAM is relatively inexpensive, so getting 2Gb extra (over 4) isn't going to hurt the wallet too much.

Couple more sites to consider are CyberPower click here & Scan click here.

"Which provides the best support, upgradeability, value, flexibility, customisability at ordering, deals, sales?"

Can't really say, as none of them are perfect. And unfortunately independent reviews don't cover most of those aspects. G

  PJ90 14:31 27 Jan 2010

Hi Iainre - Id suggest you look at Cube247 - I have had a couple of computers from them now, they are very flexible with upgrades. The last system i ordered i wanted specific models of components which they did not advertise. The sales guys were extremely helpful and priced up the system i wanted. Very competative price so i ordered the system from them. It did take about 2 weeks to deliver the system. The good think is you can upgrade the system at a later date and not affect your warranty with them.

  GaT7 14:57 27 Jan 2010

iainre, may I suggest wherever you choose to buy from, make sure to check the PC has the components that you paid for - or, are of better spec/value. Especially as you're going to be spending a small fortune on it.

Many companies tend to substitute components depending on availability. I feel this is OK as long as:
- You're kept informed about these changes,
- They adjust the cost accordingly if it is lower in spec/value, &
- They don't charge you extra if they choose better components (not without your permission anyway!).

As for Cube247, make up your own mind after reading these: click here, click here, click here & click here. G

  iainre 11:59 29 Jan 2010

Thanks for all the input, been very helpful.

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