Gaming Computer under £650...

  James23 15:04 29 May 2010

What is the best gaming computer in the price range of £500-£650?

I would prefer a computer which is not custom built and, at least, has the following components: an Intel i3 or i5 processor, Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 or GTX 260, 500 GB Hard drive and 4 GB of RAM.
It would be great if it also has Windows 7 and a monitor, keyboard and mouse...

So far I have found the Acer Aspire X5900:

click here?_$ja=tsid:11518%7Ccc:%7Cprd:14794230%7Ccat:Computers

However, the graphics are lower than want I would like...


I am only a casual gamer and therefore the computer will mostly be used to play Just Cause 2- mostly high settings- and possibly a few other games...

  MAT ALAN 15:10 29 May 2010

click here

click here

might find what your looking for here...

  James23 18:56 29 May 2010

Thanks for your reply, but I would prefer one which is not custom built...

  AL47 19:10 29 May 2010

no offence but all pcs are built the same way custom ones are, the only difference is that custom ones include what you want and exclude what you dont!

i [as many do] built mine myself

  James23 23:08 30 May 2010

I understand but custom ones usually come with less software installed and are not fully supported. Also, in this case are more expensive for the websites I have checked.

But, does anyoneone know whether, the Acer Aspire X5900 is compatable with a Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 graphics card. I am thinking to buy the two things separately and then installing the new graphics card in the computer...

  gfox101 20:19 01 Jun 2010

Custom built PC's = 1% brand 99% product
Factory (or branded) PC's = 70% brand 30% product
Apple Mac's = 99% brand 1% product

If you really must go for a 'branded' PC then the issue you are going to have is things like warranty and guarantee. Unless you can find a complete PC which has all the components you want then your'e stuck with it for 12 months until the warranty expires. Remember most places wont let you claim on any warranty if they notice that you have removed the side panels of a PC and tampered or replaced parts. The advantage of going custom built is that you can have all those parts installed before its delivered meaning you don't have to open the case and void the warranty and guarantee.

The Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 will work in the Acer Aspire X5900 but bear in mind the warranty side of things and extra cost of supplying that graphics card yourself.

My PC came from a local business who did a really good deal and was custom built and I've had no problems.

  scousejen 10:12 02 Jun 2010

If you know roughly what spec you want i would get a few companies to give you a quote. I always buy my computers from Cube247 and have done for years.

  John.23 16:53 02 Jun 2010

I understand that custom built PCs are usually better, however, I would like to have full support for the computer and also a warranty.

And, on the websites I have checked so far a
custom built PC is more expensive...

Also, scousejen, the specs I would like are:

? An i3 or i5 processor
? Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 or GTX 260 graphics card
? About 500 GB Hard Drive
? At least 4 GB RAM
? Windows 7
? And, also, a moniter, keyboard and mouse...

By the way, gfox101, are you sure the card will fit because someone told me the PC's case is too small for such a large card...


  John.23 16:55 02 Jun 2010

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that this is my new account since I can't seem to log onto my old one...

  gfox101 12:33 03 Jun 2010


I'm not sure about the card in that case. I hadn't taken the case into consideration as most places include big enough cases to fit most components.

In response to your preferred specifications I've been in touch with the place which built my PC and they can do the following;

intel Core i3 530 2.93GHz 4MB L3 Cache
Nvidia Point Of View GTS 250
500GB Hard Drive
Windows 7 Ultimate
LG22" HD Monitor
Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
For £649.99

They will build the same machine on an Intel i5 processor for £700 and include the GTX 260 for £60 extra on either machine.

You also mentioned a warranty, they include 1 year and a 3 year guarantee.

Their website is click here

  John.23 19:53 03 Jun 2010

Thanks! That is really useful...
By the way, how much will the PC be if I choose Windows 7 Home Premium x64 instead of Ultimate?

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