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  fbadt 12:45 04 Oct 2008

hey all, just after a little advice on buying a new pc rig. I have no idea what I'm doing, and have a budget up to about 600, I'm after a gaming PC. I found this system on Novatech, to me it seems pretty good but as I said I don't really know what I'm doing... I'm after a gaming rig, something that will play games high-end and won't become obsolete in 2 or 3 yrs, or is at least easily ungrade-able? This seems a really good price, am I missing anything/something? most 'gaming' rigs I've seen on sites are a grand plus? it was the pro version I was going for. doesn't say anything about wireless connection or modem, would I have to get that seperately? Any help would be great!
click here

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
2GB memory
640GB hard drive
2 x Nvidia 9500GT 512MB SLI graphics

  retep888 15:05 04 Oct 2008

If you want something that will play games high-end and won't become obsolete in 2 or 3yrs, you'll need :

Quad core Cpu

2-4 GB DDR3 Ram

1 or 2 Nvidia Gtx280 in Sli or Ati 4870 or X2 Graphic Cards

That's why you saw rigs in sites cost over a thousand.

  fbadt 15:33 04 Oct 2008

hey, thanks for the advice, does anyone think it's even worth buying a gaming pc for less than a grand then? I really only have a 5-700 budget and while I love gaming I can 'make do' without everything being at highest setting, but the pc I have now can't play anything pre-2004 and can't be upgraded and I'm not pc-savvy enough to build a rig so could I make do with this one, play 2005-2008 releases okay and be able to run games for a few more years, upgrade as best I can (is it ungradeable?)? Is quad core the only real option, duo not worth it?
sorry for the questions, just trying to get my head around it. I understand the grand+ machines are exceptionally high-end and will last, but I simply haven't got that kind of money, but at the same time can't easily spend 600 on something that will be junk in 3 yrs or might even struggle with games out this year (Bioshock etc)
thanks again,

  retep888 15:56 04 Oct 2008

Your E8400 is fine, and your chosen rig can play most of the morden games but I'll suggest you get 9600GT or even 1 9800GT or 9800GTX if you don't want to be disappointed afterwards.

  citadel 16:34 04 Oct 2008

9500gt is not much good even if there are 2 of them. something with a ati 4850 or ati 4870.

  Joe R 16:44 04 Oct 2008


is your budget for just the base unit? or is this including monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse etc.

  fbadt 21:00 04 Oct 2008

am just after the rig, I have the monitor etc., just after something that will play games at a good level for a few years and I could upgrade here and there, I love gaming but just want good level not full-on, the major-league rigs are out of my budget so really I just want something that will allow me to enjoy games for a few years, maybe give the oppotunity to upgrade and take it from there. so is the consensus this isn't worth bothering with? one post says no to graphics another says needs quad instead of duo, this is why I'm so confused!
thanks again for your time

  citadel 21:55 04 Oct 2008

have a look at the gamer infinty gt at cyberpower, you can customize to remove the stuff you don't need, I would change the psu to an enermax 620 to give you the power for future upgrades.

  fbadt 22:26 04 Oct 2008

hey, thanks I had a look at CyberPower's GT but I can't get it close to 600ish, and this is my problem, I don't understand what exactly I need and what is a happy medium enough to chose which hardware, is a single GTX280 better than two 9500GT's for example? I'm sorry, sure I'm trying everyone's patience I'm just not sure what I need, all I'm after is a system that will run today's games at an acceptable level without any problems for the next few years, and would be ungradeable, and all for around 600 quid! seriously, am I asking too much? again, all time and help is vey much appreciated.

  Morth 03:10 05 Oct 2008

£600 will buy you a solid gaming machine that will last for 3 years at least. Not having to buy a monitor with that is a big plus.

The advantage for you at the moment is that the big next gen graphics engines are not likely to come out until 2012, so any machine you get now will have some legs on it, even with the gradual graphic improvements we'll see on the PC over the next few years.

1- I advise getting a Quad Core. Either an Intel q6600 or an AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black edition. Those are the best quads in your price range.
Current gaming is about mhz, but game developers are looking more and more into multithreading, so a quad will see you better than a dual core in time. Both of these 2 quads are easily overclockable too.

2- Don't get Sli/Crossfire yet. Your budget won't stretch to anything but buying two budget cards, so go for one solid card now and maybe buy another in a few years. The cards to go for in your price range are:
Nvidia - 260 GTX, 9800 GTX*
Ati - HD 4870, HD 4850*

Any of those 4 cards will put out enough performance for now and in 3 years. * means it is probably your better choice with budget concerns.

3- If you think you may go Sli/Crossfire in several years you will need to ensure your motherboard and psu can handle it, which means spending more cash now on those two areas. Keep this in mind to talk about with whichever shop you order from.

Cougar Extreme click here
and Arbico click here have very good reputations for ordering online with.

Your best bet is to check out those sites and call them up. Explain exactly what you need and how much you have and see if they can help.

  fbadt 09:48 05 Oct 2008

thank you Morth and everyone else who took the time to reply, really very helpful. thanks again

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