noexpert 19:32 18 Dec 2007

Hi I hope someone can help me regarding a online order I made.

Whats happened is I made a order for a PC game online at on Thursday 13th December, it was written it would be delivered within two business days.
The order was dispatched the next day on Friday and now it is Tuesday 18th and I have not received it.

I contacted GAME customer services via their website yesterday asking whats happened to my order but I have not got a response from them.

I made a previous order in the past which arrived in time so I thought it would be ok but now I guess I should have just gone to the store.

Here in section E in the 'Price and Delivery' section it says I'd have to wait 28 days before they will consider it lost.

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Is their any other way to sort this out now if possible as I don't want to wait this long for a video game as I'd rather just go to the store and get it now instead of this hassle.

Here in the 'Shipping Questions' point 5 it says I might have to wait 10 days instead.

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Please give your opinions and advice on what I should do.

Can I get a refund or cancel the order or should I just wait.

What should I do? Please direct me. Would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys.

  ayrmail 20:27 18 Dec 2007

You won’t be able to cancel as the item has been dispatched, so you will have to wait for 28 days before they will consider it lost and give you a refund. So you could buy the game in store then return the item when it arrives.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:31 18 Dec 2007

It is Xmas and things tend to be a tad busy, give it a day or two more.


  noexpert 20:41 18 Dec 2007

Oh so I can buy the game now myself and if and when my order gets delivered I can return it in store and get a refund, of course as long as its not opened?

Thanks for that suggestion that is a very good idea.

By the way even though I've contacted them I've had no acknologment of this so should I get in contact with them again and make sure that they know and have it in record that if the PC game does not get delivered after 28 days then I get a refund; as their order tracking system ends when its say its been 'dispatched', meaning they think its been delivered when it hasn't.

Thank you again.

  noexpert 20:42 18 Dec 2007

Yes I understand that and I shall wait a few days more, I'm just a bit concerned as previous orders were delivered with no problems.

  Joe R 22:09 18 Dec 2007


why not give them a call. ?

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