GAME - Trading Standards Issue?

  Celery is very stringy 18:58 29 Aug 2004

Two weeks ago I went into a GAME store and saw the forthcoming Starwars Trilogy DVD being advertised as a Limited Edition per-order along with the forthcoming PC game StarWars Battlefront. The empty boxes on the shelf (designed to take to the counter) had the Limited Edition combination graphics on them. 70% of the boxes on the shelf had £36.99 stickers on them. I thought this looked like a great deal so went home, doubled checked the prices on It seemed to be a fantastic deal and not unreasonable. Myself and my girfriend went into GAME and I pre-ordered the set by taking one of the £36.99 labelled boxes to the counter. I paid my deposit of £5 and specifically asked the assistant whether the price was correct. He said yes.
I mentioned the deal to my friend and he went along just the other day enquiring about the same deal. This time, the remaining boxes didn't have any price on and GAME would not confirm the price until release.

I am naturally concerned that when I get to the release date they will claim that there was no price advertised and the actual cost will be a lot higher. I just want to check my rights - I assume I would be able to cancel my order in September and get a refund of my deposit if they try and pull a fast one? Also, isn't there a trading standards issue here? Are they advertising something at a price they are not prepared to sell at? Personnally I think they are trying to lure purchasers away from making pre-orders with other companies.

  meow-303 20:00 29 Aug 2004

Generally speaking, as far as dvds go you don't get better deals than

  Andybear 20:04 29 Aug 2004

Amazon are selling the three-DVD set for £26.99 + free delivery.

  johnnie_mcdougall 21:42 29 Aug 2004

Technically speaking, yes/no. The issue here is whether they actually meant to mislead you, if they did yes you have a case, however if its a genuine mistake (which could happen in pre-orderable items) they have the right to refuse to sell you at £36.99 "invitation to treat" as its known. The deposit is fully refundable I would imagine, I would get some sort of documentation or just get your refund back now. I would speak to the staff they have always been very decent to me, and just explain and see what the situation is.

  spuds 22:07 29 Aug 2004

Normally if a deposit is taken, then a receipt should have been given stating the outstanding amount that would be owing.

As previously stated,the price on the box is classed 'invitation to purchase'. This invite stops when they except your money.Hence my question about the receipt that was given to you.What did it say!.

  Celery is very stringy 00:40 30 Aug 2004

The receipt just says £5.00 deposit. I'm totally familiar with the 'invitation to treat' mechanism of the law and understand that they don't have to sell at the price. However, I would have thought that 70% of the boxes being labelled up as £36.99 was more than just a one off mistake (there were like 40 of these things). I'm sure I'll get my deposit back, but what hacks me off is the 'lie' they've effectively told to customers in an effort to get them to pre-order. I've just looked at the trading standards website and it says "It is illegal for shops to sell things at more than their advertised price" and "If you order goods, and later the shop says the price has gone up, you should only have to pay the price you saw when you ordered, unless you were told there might be an increase. To be certain, ensure you get the price in writing."

At the end of the day, I don't mind if I don't get it for £36.99, but I do mind that they've mislead people and that shouldn't be allowed.

  User-312386 08:02 30 Aug 2004

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  helmetshine 10:09 31 Aug 2004

Celery....where's the justification for saying that GAME has lied and misled people...i can't see anywhere in your posting where you say that GAME has told you that you won't be getting the goods as per your pre-order.The offer you took up may not be available now...... but it doesn't mean they won't be honouring it for the people who took it up.

Until they tell you that you won't be getting the deal you ordered they haven't necessarily lied or misled anyone.

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