GAME (for a laugh ?) vouchers and store card !

  Little Davel 12:42 15 Aug 2003

Can someone enlighten me please ? When we purchased my little pests Advance Gameboy SP at GAME they persuaded me to fork out £2 to have a store card. Spend more and get vouchers ! Well months later vouchers arrived in post (today) worth only £2.50 !! We have purchased games for the GBAsp and Playstation and was led to believe more would be gained from our £2 investment... My sister purchases loads of stuff from GAME and still gets only £2.50 voucher occasionally. Have we missed anything ?

  Come On You Greens 13:16 15 Aug 2003

Hi, i also have a GAME reward card, if you check their website you will find that you only get a small amount of points depending on how much you spend. The only downside is that if you want to get a voucher worth £10 then you will have to spend a couple of hundred quid on games, dvd's and other stuff to get a large amount on your voucher. I believe if you check their website it tells you how many points you get for every £1.00 spent, hope this answers your question.

  -pops- 13:24 15 Aug 2003

That's about the norm for most store loyalty cards. A better rate is from the Co-op where their divi system gives a much better return. Depending where you are, some Co-op stores sell computer related items.

The unfair thing about the GAME system is that you seemingly have to pay for the card. Most loyalty cards are free.

  Belatucadrus 14:24 15 Aug 2003

To be fair though Game do offer discounts on some products to card holders.

No I don't have one.

  TBH1 14:59 15 Aug 2003

blimey pops - - didn't know co-op still did that - - -any sign of the Green Shield Stamps ????

  tbh72 15:06 15 Aug 2003

click here

I have been using this system for a long time, I have yet to find a quicker / easier way of earning valuable rewards eg Argos / Asda / B&Q vouchers etc.....

You get a better return when investing your rewards to charity eg only 500 point's per £5.00 donation.

There are countless way's to earn point's & if making purchases using a my point's credit card you get double points & signup bonuses worth upto an instant £25.00.

  -pops- 15:30 15 Aug 2003

The Co-op started Divi again about five years ago. It's all updated though with a credit card type card

If you're into these loyalty schemes, the return is quite worthwhile.

  Jester2K II 17:30 15 Aug 2003

I have the same card. OK we spent £2 for the card but if you got £2.50 in vouchers back then you are up!! Not much i know.

What did you expect? Look at all loyalty schemes. Am Ex Blue card - 1% Cashback - Great!! Except you have to spend £100 to get £1 back... Is it that great? £1000 to get a tenner back? I shop at Sainsburys every fortnight (~£140). We collect the points each time on Nectar. Plus BP petrol and booze at the local offy makes for a combarably small return.

The good thing about the Game card is that they sometimes do double / triple points for Card Holders Only deals. Check the website click here

  citadel 18:33 15 Aug 2003

I buy from game because of their returns policy. I have had a couple of games that would not work properly on my pc and got my money back instantly with no questions asked. The reward card is good for discounts on games. It was free when I got mine.

  Andybear 19:21 15 Aug 2003

I've got a Game reward card. At the time it cost £2. I've just checked their web site and it's now gone up to £3.

  Starfox 23:25 15 Aug 2003

I got my Game reward card when they were known as Electronics Boutique and it was free at that time.I just recieved my reward voucher today and it's for £10 so god knows how much I must have spent there,probably far too much I suppose.

As Belatucadrus points out Game shops do some very good discounts to reward card holders and these alone make the card worthwhile,for example,last week they were offering £10 off Red Faction 2 to reward card holders so this alone would more than repay the cost of the card.

Regards Starfox.

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