Full cover disc labels

  wallbash 19:23 14 May 2004

I require Glossy cd disc labels (want to use photos ), different manufactures seem to supply them but I require recomendations from the forum , on supply and also software.Also will i require a different 'plastic thingy ' (tech term)
to mount the labels. I tried some which came with small rubber rings but had no success.

Have proffed read this article, and its as clear as Mud! Please help.

  spuds 19:31 14 May 2004

I use click here Good products, and easily obtainable

  wallbash 19:53 14 May 2004

Yes looking good, thinking would only need the Lite version at a Tenner plus Labels

Does any one know if Jessops is my best bet to source them

Thanks Spud

  wallbash 20:17 14 May 2004

After further intensive reserch (via argos cat.)
Has any one used AfterBurner.

  Chronos 20:21 14 May 2004

for putting the labels on the disk you need the "cd stomper" cost about £12 and american made device, can be got from pc-world, and as for the labels glossy or matt, i use "pressit"

  wallbash 20:36 14 May 2004

Have used labels for years, now applying with an old LaBuilder 'thingy'

I think that surething is the best software, but I need the whole package, i.e
software- applicater- and paper.
Tried to 'calibrate'different labels with other software, did not have much success, If Label is not 'perfect'thinks should just use a Pen.

  wallbash 20:39 14 May 2004

Sorry Chronos, have re-read your reply.
are you saying cd stomper applicater works with pressit labels and the software (stomper) supports pressit.

  jakimo 21:34 14 May 2004

Yes,I have Averies Afterburner,their labels will give you full disc cover,and there`s a good selection of templates with the software

  wallbash 21:57 14 May 2004

So to sum up.....
Avery Afterburner, software labelling kit from Argos , at £13 and buy glossy avery burner labels at PC world.

Problem solved
Thanks to all

  Chronos 11:08 15 May 2004

sorry i am late coming back on this...

yes they both work with each other...

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