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  pukka7773 18:54 06 Aug 2004

I purchased a Fujitsu Siemens Laptop (Amilo D7820) from my local PC World February '03 and ever since have had the same problem of it appearing to overheat and switch itself off. PC World had it back in the November and informed me that it was fixed. However in the December the problem started over again. I reported to PC World once again who had no ideas what was wrong, however suggest a few possible things to try. Once again I wiped the hard drive and re-installed Windows and even tried a Bios update which mentioned various temperature control measures that had been included in the latest update. They informed me that if this didn't work they would honour the fact that the system needed sorting out. For a short while the system run more smoothly with the bios update however before long the old problem of my system switching itself off for no apparent reason returned. I have checked for viruses and even installed a fan monitor to see what is happening. Which is this my system runs quite happily up until 46 degrees and then off it goes, if I take the keyboard out of my laptop the system will stay on until 60 degrees. But, this isn't the answer so I have contacted Fujitsu who send me to PC World who have basically washed their hands of me and don't want to know saying that my "warranty has now finished" despite promises that they would honour the repair. Has anyone got any ideas of either the problem or the solution about where I stand on getting the repair done? Sorry it is so long but I'm pulling my hair out with this one!

  kspatto 00:21 07 Aug 2004

you may not be aware but just because your warrenty has run out you still have rights under the fair usage section of the sale of goods act a product should last for a reasonable length of time(deppending on product up to 6 years) there are guide lines for products but this is something of a grey area also having effected a repair already they have admitted that the product had a continuing defect try this link to the cab advice pages

click here

page 2 should be of interest to you

computer active are doing an interesting article this month on consumer rights

bestluck patto

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