Fuji S5000 camera, any good?

  mrsp 10:47 24 Mar 2004

We are thinking of buying the above camera, has anyone out there got one and how good is it ? Many thanks , cheers

  wags 11:02 24 Mar 2004

A friend of mine has one and I have used it on several occassions. It is a very goof camera, good colour balance, sturation and detail with a very powerful zoom lens. Check this review:

click here

  wags 11:04 24 Mar 2004

errrr typing too quick, that's 'good camera' ( not goof) and 'saturation'.... !!!

  Inky 12:04 24 Mar 2004

Girlfriend bought one on offer at Dixons. £199 with bag and extra 64Mb Xd card.

Good saturation even with internal flash. She hasn't taken any pics outside yet!

It also came with an accesory to be able to take filters.

She's happy with it.

  anchor 13:56 24 Mar 2004

Another very detailed review

click here

  mrsp 21:28 24 Mar 2004

Can you tell me when it bought and was it instore or online ?. The best deal I have found was £237. Cheers

  Demora 21:45 24 Mar 2004

Dixons have it online for £249.99 where is it being sold for £237. I was looking at this camera in the US and nearly bought one there, was very impressed with the info in the viewfinder easy to see etc. and very comfy to hold. BUT I have to wait for birthday now.


  mrsp 21:56 24 Mar 2004

Digital Camera Express, It say more on a search in Kelkoo , when going to the site it has £237 with free delivery. Cheers

  mrsp 21:58 24 Mar 2004
  Demora 22:14 24 Mar 2004

Thanks for that.....it will have to wait till Other half gets back from Africa next week. hehehehe. BUT THats the camera for me. I have had various cameras and really need a good replacement for my casio 8xoptical zoom which my daughter has taken possession of.

I have to admit though this is the first Fuji digital camera I have been impressed with.


  mrsp 10:12 25 Mar 2004

We already have a Fuji 4700, we are happy with the results and I have a Nikon 3100 which is excellent and it is very compact. Cheers

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