Fuji Finepix s5600 any opinions?

  Skills 23:33 27 Apr 2006

Have been looking at reviews of this model on the net and it seems to get quite favourable reviews.

I just wondered if there was any owners of this model and there experiences with it.


  hzhzhz 00:00 28 Apr 2006

Haven't used it but looks ok. Slightly bulky though. A good price from click here

  Skills 00:19 28 Apr 2006

It is bulky yes but it offers manual control without the £600 price tag for a fully SLR camera best price Ive found so far is £185 from camerabox.co.uk

  hzhzhz 00:27 28 Apr 2006

At £185 I dont see any reason not to purchase this camera.

  anchor 13:06 28 Apr 2006

This model received an excellent review in Computer Shopper this year.

£150 at Comet.

click here

  anchor 13:08 28 Apr 2006

Sorry: My error.

I saw 5600 and immediately thought you were referring to the Nikon 5600. I should take time to read properly!.

However, do consider the Nikon.

  Solgoth 01:39 01 May 2006

I really don't recommend any Fuji digital cameras because of the incredibly over-aggressive noise reduction which Fuji cameras tend to do. Some other manufacturers do this also, but it seems hardly any do so with the disturbing consistency with which Fuji do. This smears out detail and leads to an overall 'watercolour painting' effect.

Noise is the grain that occurs in dark areas of a picture or when higher ISO (higher sensitivity, allowing more light in for a lighter exposure) is used. Noise reduction smears detail in an attempt to reduce the appearance of grain. Fuji cameras tend to smear pictures even at low ISO in good light.

I owned a Fuji s602 (much older model, but similar, perhaps slightly less extreme, in terms of noise reduction) for two and a half years and it had a great tendency to smear all detail in darker areas of a picture, and green areas, etc, into a hideous mess.

Observe the smeared quality to the green areas of this sample image from the camera (Fuji 5200 is apparently the US name for the 5600). Particularly at the grass down at the bottom right and left, the detail of which is practically smeared away to nothing. If this doesn't bother you, go ahead, but I severely regret ever having owned a camera with such aggressive noise reduction.

click here

I suggest you check out samples from the camera you intend to buy from sites such as

steves digicams (ignore the reviews themselves, pretty useless)

click here

and from pbase

click here

to see if the quality really meets your needs.

You can also get reviews at


click here

and imaging resource

click here

  Skills 14:14 01 May 2006

Thank you for the info Solgoth some food for thought there. I was looking at this model as I like its SLR inspirations without the full £600 ish price tag which I cant afford. The manual controls especially attract me.

I will look at some pictures taken with this model as you sugest and take it from there.

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