[DELETED] 19:51 18 Sep 2003

i have been visiting an online bicycle site with the view to purchasing some items, as you do. so i clicked on "add to basket" only to get the message:-

"you do not have cookies allowed on your machine. you can enable cookies your self. if you do not enable cookies i'm affraid we can not do business"

i know the company involved as i have done business mail order before. but in their web address they include the word "frogtrade".

i have first party cookies and session cookies enabled. but i have third party ones blocked. anyone know anything about "frogtrade"? i have done a search on google but not alot there.

i'm thinking hey am i going to get more spam? !!!
so held back on the purchase. other sites no problem with third party cookies.

  [DELETED] 20:16 18 Sep 2003

click here

Have a look here. Is this relevant?

  [DELETED] 20:50 18 Sep 2003

i've looked at your link. it's the fact there is a third party involved that i don't like.

thanks again

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