Fridge+freezer lottery.

  birdface 12:34 13 Mar 2012

Recently my old freezer packed in but as they came in a pair Freezer and Fridge we had to renew both.

Wife wanted silver so ordered them both from the Co-operative and when they arrived and I was installing them,The wife noticed that they were two different shaded of Silver,As they were side by side they looked out of place so phoned the Coop and they said because they are made in different factories they could not guarantee that we would get a perfect match.

But credit to them they offered to pick them up and return the payment for them and they are being picked up today.

So now we have to order another two from elsewhere I decided to phone one of the UKs biggest company's to see if it was possible to get a matching pair fridge and freezer and got the same reply as the coop gave me although it was a different make that I was buying.

This is the question asked.

Enquiry: Are all silver fridge and freezers the same shade of silver, Bought a fridge and freezer from Belko and have to return them because the are a different shade of grey. Just wondered if yours were all the same colour or can you buy them as a matching pair.

This is the answer that I received.

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that 2 silver items will be the same shade. This is because different materials are used in the different factories where we produce the silver appliances, which in turn makes the silver appear that it has a slightly lighter/darker shade than others.

I do apologise that I cannot be of more help.

I suppose if you manage to get both the same shade of grey would be like trying to win the lottery.

Looks like a take it or leave it situation.

Anyone else ever have the same sort of problem.

Of course the only one that is not going to win out of this is me if the next two don't match I Will need to get some cotton wool for my ears.

I have told her to get white instead as there would be less chance of a colour difference with that choice.

But No she wants the Lone ranger I'm afraid.

  wiz-king 13:02 13 Mar 2012

Good job you don't want black! Even more shades of black than silver.

  birdface 13:25 13 Mar 2012


Glad you mentioned that as she was thinking about Black.

Never mind I will order another two when those have been picked up then wait with the fingers crossed.

Whatever happened to days gone by when you could order something like that without any problems. If you don't want White,Black or Silver then you have no chance of getting what you are looking for.

My old two were a Linen colour from Hotpoint and we had great use out of them,Cant get colours like that nowadays.

I meant to say [But No she wants the Lone ranger's horse I'm afraid ]Missed out horse for some reason.

  bowman 13:34 13 Mar 2012

Just a thought! but have you the space for a Fridge / freezer combination.(height) that way they will match as both are painted at the same time. This would also free up floor space. As one unit not two.

  birdface 13:49 13 Mar 2012


Not got room for one of those only room under the worktop for both.Cannot even separate them the way the kitchen is worked out.So they stand side by side and any difference in colour is soon spotted.

  birdface 20:44 13 Mar 2012

Hmm chaps came to collect them about 4.30.As they unboxed them before bringing them into the house I had no boxes to put them back into for return.

He then states that there was no way of tying them up in the van to protect them from damage or going round roundabouts,So I can only think that they may be in a bit of a state by the time they get back.

They were all right when leaving here but goodness knows what state they might be in by the time they get back.

Any idea as to how I stand if they are damaged,Would it be down to me for not reboxing them or down to the driver for not taking better care of them.

Decided to get the new ones from Argos.One can be delivered in 5 days and the other one in a month.

What a carry on just to buy a new fridge and freezer.

Will look again tomorrow see if I can get them a bit quicker elsewhere.

  john bunyan 22:03 13 Mar 2012

There are matching stainless steel ones. Example:

  birdface 23:06 13 Mar 2012

john bunyan

Thanks for that but need the under counter versions.

Not really wanting the stainless steel versions.Sort of going for Indesit at the moment and getting fed up looking.Tried everywhere and Argos seems to be about the cheapest.

You can usually dig up voucher codes for most companies.Got £31 off my cooker that way.

Can get £25 of Tesco Direct if needed,but so far not found one for Argos.

  john bunyan 23:21 13 Mar 2012

Buteman Hope you find what you want

  john bunyan 23:29 13 Mar 2012
  jaraba 00:07 14 Mar 2012

Have you thought of getting the ones were you put the same door fronts on as the rest of your kitchen units.

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