fridge - freezer cabinet temp.

  871david 07:40 26 Jul 2012

Hi, the outside of my fridge cabinet gets to hot to touch sometimes, half way up towards the bavk on one side. The internal temps do not vary. Advice please, thanks, David

  birdface 08:18 26 Jul 2012

I think you are supposed to have a gap all round the fridge if it is an under counter one.

It is either 1.5 or 2"Inches gap on each side and on the top to let the air circulate.

Not sure if yours is free standing or not.

Even with that sort of gap at the top you will feel the heat coming from the top of the fridge.

  onthelimit1 09:15 26 Jul 2012

When the ambient temperature is hot (as now, for me), the compressor is on for longer to maintain the inside temp. This will result in it, and the heat exchanger, becoming warmer.

  Terry Brown 10:22 26 Jul 2012

At the back of the fridge /Freezer you will see aset of 'what looks like elements'

It is these that the gas that draws heat from your freezer runs, and this heat is dispersed into the air, when the outside temperate is hot, it is harder for the heat to escape and so the Fridge/freezer runs longer.

Think of it as like the radiator in your car.


  namtas 10:52 26 Jul 2012

That is normal, the hotter it is the more work it is doing, the condenser, the grid mesh at the rear is where it has to dissipate the heat which has been collected from the cabinet. It does this by pumping hot gas from the evaporator. The condenser will also feel hotter when the ambient temperature is higher or where the air flow is impeded perhaps because the unit is fitter to close to a wall our under a close fitting shelf.

  wee eddie 11:38 26 Jul 2012

Give the fins/radiator/heat exchanger a quick clean.

A soft brush and a machine that sucks should be adequate.

Even better, a machine that blows, the trouble with that is the dust is now everywhere.

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