Freezer breakdown, is food covered?

  yfas29 19:06 01 Jan 2010

Hi all

I have a 6 month old fridge freezer, which has broken down over the holidays taking over £150 worth of food with it. When I bought the unit from comet I took out the extended 5 yr warranty with it. I will be phoning comet in the morning to get an engineer out, but my question is can I ask to be reimbursed for the food lost? Being Christmas we had done a big a shop and bought lots of expensive items like trifles and cheesecakes, joints and the like. Obviously its all ruined now and it's going to cost us a fortune to re stock being a family of 8 not to mention the money already spent on take outs and stuff.

Any advice will be much appreiated!!


  Strawballs 19:23 01 Jan 2010

You could try but your contents insureance should cover it mine did.

  Forum Editor 19:28 01 Jan 2010

is what's called a consequential loss, and consumer legislation will not provide for reimbursement - you would have to take a private legal action against the retailer for that.

A better course might be to check your household contents policy, as Strawballs suggests.

  rdave13 19:31 01 Jan 2010

So long as it won't affect your 'no claims' discount it might be worth claiming.

  iscanut 19:47 01 Jan 2010

As others have intimated, this is a risk normally covered or offered in basic Home Contents insurance. As strawballs, mine is too.

  amonra 21:34 01 Jan 2010

Dont hold your breath. I had a similar breakdown some time back, rang the insurance company, was told to list everything that was spoiled. I explained that everything was practically walking down the path and needed to be disposed of immediately, PLEASE send an assessor round NOW!. The following day I had to bag everything and take it to the local tip. The insurance company refused to cough up stating that I hadn't kept the contents for their inspection ! No amount of arguing or threats would move them so I had to forget it. A month or two later I had an "accidental" spill in the kitchen which really did cost them a lot more................

  karmgord 22:12 01 Jan 2010

contents insurance claim might not be worth it after any excess and loss of no claim discount

  spuds 22:43 01 Jan 2010

Check your extended warranty policy, because some do provide the additional 'accidental spoilage' cover. The same might apply to purchases by credit card, and any insurance warranties provided with those. If neither does, then its back to the household insurance, but what as also been previously suggested, keep all the spoiled food products available for inspection, because some insurance companies insist on this and any possible receipts to verify the claim.

A number of years ago, we had a freezer that stopped working, but we managed to salvage most of the goods. The insurance company paid for a new replacement freezer because they could not obtain the necessary replacement parts for the old one, but they refused to replace any of the goods that we were unable to rescue. We were happy with that agreement.

  morddwyd 08:14 02 Jan 2010

Slightly off thread, but you never know how good your insurance is until you claim.

My insurance is not the cheapest but they paid up in full on my figures when I had a similar spoilage claim a few years ago.

  961 09:15 02 Jan 2010

Our freezer, also from Comet, broke down within the warranty period. It was repaired and we were asked to list the contents and were reimbursed

Read the guarantee/warranty conditions that came with the freezer

On another topic, is it coincidence that the ads from Google down the right of this page refer to Fridge Freezers, or is there a little man inside my computer (like the guy in the fridge that turns on the light) organising the ads as I read the thread?

  Boghound 09:34 02 Jan 2010

Not another enquiry about a subject that is not connected with computing...I always thought that "PC Advisor" stood for Personal Computing not Peoples Concerns...Thank God I stopped my subscription three years ago!!

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