Freeview integrated TVs

  Cara2 20:03 01 Jan 2005

I am considering buying a portable Freeview integrated Televison. This will be used in the home and also for caravanning.

Not all areas currently receive Freeview. In these areas would the integrated TV receive the regular analogue channels or would it receive no programmes at all?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:45 01 Jan 2005

Regular analogue signal. The freeview only cuts in if the transmitters are capable.


  Cara2 21:50 01 Jan 2005

Thank you Gandalf,

So to clarify, a digital integrated TV is also capable of analogue signals where digital is unavailable?

  Stuartli 13:57 02 Jan 2005

The situation has changed somewhat in recent times but buying a TV with integrated ON/ITVDigitalFreeview facilities, compared to the standard TV version, was always far more expensive than buying a separate set top box.

There is some confusion over Freeview. It is not a digital service as such (unless you have a digital TV or a PCI digital TV card) except in the case of Nicam which is already digital.

The signals are transmitted digitally to cram more channels on a given bandwidth - the Freeview set top box (or ON/ITVDigital box) then converts the picture/video signal back to analogue, otherwise you wouldn't be able to watch the programmes.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 15:10 02 Jan 2005

Saying Freeview is not a digtal service because it is converted to analogue before before viewing is like saying SKY isn't digital or a CD isn't digital because it is converted to analogue before you listen to it!

  Stuartli 15:20 02 Jan 2005

You have missed the point.

I never said it wasn't a digital service, only that people are often mislead with regard to the end product.

To see genuine digital TV images you have to have a digital television or computer system TV card - I have both an ON/ITVDigital/Freeview set top box and the PCI card equivalent. The monitor display from the card is stunning.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 15:36 02 Jan 2005

I don't think I have missed the point

You stated in your first post that (Freeview) "is not a digital service as such (unless you have a digital TV or a PCI digital TV card) except in the case of Nicam which is already digital"

You then say in your second post that "I never said it wasn't a digital service" - make your mind up!

The fact that most people will view Freeview (or SKY or DVD's) on a non digital tv does not make the source analogue.

  TomJerry 16:04 02 Jan 2005

"The monitor display from the card is stunning." You use digital TV card get digital signal (freeview) and displayed on digital monitor (if you use DVI).

Freeview is digital, only the final display device (TV in this case) is nt fully digital yet.

  Flak999 16:36 02 Jan 2005

To contribute to this debate, i have just bought a Panasonic 28inch IDTV and it is superb (TX28DTX10C £449 including 5 year guarantee and free delivery from John Lewis)

I held off buying before this because using the postcode checker on the freeview website, I was informed it was impossible to receive in my area even with an upgraded aerial! However once I took the plunge and bought the TV and set it up it picked up all the freeview channels at maximum signal strength! I have since been informed that the freeview postcode checker is sponsored by sky and they do this to discourage people getting freeview instead of paying for their service!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 16:42 02 Jan 2005

Same here - I waited for ages to get Freeview, going by the official Freeview postcode checker I still shouldn't be able to get it. Eventually I found this website click here which not only tells you if you can get it, but which transmitter you should point your aerial towards.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 16:47 02 Jan 2005

oops - have I just given away I live in Chichester - damn it I have now!

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