Freeview HD

  Graham. 23:21 10 Mar 2010

Freeview High Definition is launched on 31st March in my area. I hope you haven't all rushed out to get a set top box for the digital switchover, because now you are going to need another one, for HD - about £180.

  Awshum 10:06 11 Mar 2010

So just don't get HD, use standard def, or am I missing the point?

  Graham. 10:12 11 Mar 2010

No, if you don't want it don't bother.

  interzone55 10:22 11 Mar 2010

The Freeview HD channels are broadcast using a different encoding system, DVB-T2, which is incompatible with existing boxes, so you can't watch these channels on a standard definition box.

Argos are taking pre-orders on a Bush box at £99.99
click here

I'm going to hang-on for one with a built in PVR and Blu-Ray player to replace my existing Panasonic Freeview recorder...

  morddwyd 10:27 11 Mar 2010

Hd is massively overhyped in my view, so if you're thinking of spending check it out first, ideally with somebody who already has it not your local dealer with fault free signals, gold cables etc.

I have HD (bought as a gift I hasten to add!) and while there is a slight difference with some things, skiing for instance, and a few other sports, I am often do not bother with the HD option where there is one.

  Awshum 10:37 11 Mar 2010

have to disagree. HD is fantastic.

alan14 if HD is too expensive for some then they can use the cheap sd boxes.

Personally I subscribe to Virgin and the few HD things they have are great on my full HD telly.

  Graham. 11:20 11 Mar 2010

Local dealer with fault free signals? Not Comet, they're SD via aerial socket from an amp in the ceiling. Currys are an improvement, though.

  ronalddonald 12:07 11 Mar 2010

hd high definition by what standard, it sjust like when the dvd players came out multi region region 1, 2, 3,4 which one.

Graham gives us £180.00 i go and get one many thanks, i happy with £16.00 freeview box from Tesco's. I have no intention of getting another box just to waste £180.00 fir the retailers to profit out of people like Graham.

  ronalddonald 12:09 11 Mar 2010

done the research and what methods of research did they do to establish this item is actually hd. It just a marketing gimmick to spend your hard earned cash

  Graham. 12:28 11 Mar 2010

Graham doesn't need one, he has Freesat HD. This post was for the more discerning viewer.

  blanco 18:41 12 Mar 2010

And what's the minimum sized screen you need to really see any difference. Earlier I wss told if you have only a 20 inch set, don't bother, you won't see any difference.

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