freeview box cheap

  wjrt 21:50 16 Dec 2004

Argos for next two days only
Goodmans GDB4G code 532/0967 £29.99
twin scart EPG scart lead included if you have been dithering this could be your chance

  TomJerry 21:53 16 Dec 2004

is it small?

  wjrt 21:59 16 Dec 2004

have seen smaller but is not too large

  jack 14:28 17 Dec 2004

This is a puzzle with me at the moment.
The first Freeview boxes that came out delivered the digital programs then available and still do of course.
But noew we have TOP-UP
These boxes have a card slot.
Presumably therefore the original versions are now out-of date- therfore being sold off!

The other puzzle is I run the original GO box [having been turfed out by a disgruntled mate when Go went down the pan]- presumably its slot makes it a 'GOer' for Top-UP!p
Am I right or am I in cloud cuckoo land

  Stuartli 18:03 17 Dec 2004

TopUpTV (the subscription service) could only be received on the original ON/ITVDigital set top boxes (which all had a card slot as there were subscription services available or planned).

Freeview boxes didn't have a card slot when first going on sale simply becase the BBC and its partners saw no reason for them as the service was intended to be Free to Air.

However, the main transmitter company saw a potential financial reward by allowing TopUpTV to be allowed transponder space, much to the chagrin of the BBC, and the paid-for service became available for owners of original boxes only.

However, some manufacturers (Thomson is one) are now producing Freeview boxes with a card slot to enable TVTopUp channels to be received.

  jack 20:28 17 Dec 2004

Its me age When I said GO I ment ON of course - theres a joke there somewhere if only I could remember it.

  phil 21:17 17 Dec 2004

We can't get digital in the Kidderminster area.

A mate at work got that Goodmans box from Argos yesterday and when he plugged it in it couldn't even find BBC1, 2, ITV or 5.

He said that the automatic search bar at the bottom of the screen couldn't locate an ariel.

20 miles from Birmingham and an area of 200,000 people.

The BBC say there are no plans to increase the transmitters power and they advised me to use Skys Freesat.

Waste of bloody time.

  Stuartli 09:05 18 Dec 2004

The joke must be ongoing....


You really should be able to receive Freeview but may need to install a wideband aerial to pick up some of the channels - I had to do so five years ago and I can actually see Winter Hill, about 15 miles away, from the open land which starts around a mile from my home.

I also have a Freeview PCI TV card on my system. The (modestly boosted) signal is from the main aerial input in the back room via a 60ft co-axial cable under the floorboards and a further 15ft extension to the card's co-axial socket itself.

Signal quality is 98 per cent on average and signal strength up to 80 per cent plus - it depends on which channel is being watched at any time. Picture quality (true digital rather than the back to analogue of a TV set) is stunning along with the sound (Nicam is digital in any case).

  Stuartli 09:13 18 Dec 2004

One of the best Freeview boxes around at the moment is the Humax F2FOX-T, but expect to pay approaching £90-£100 for such quality...:-)

Another is the Pioneer DTR1000, only the second set top box of its type from the company. I have the first, the DTR210, which is a very rare but extremely classy bit of kit from ITVDigital's early days.

Prior to that I had a Philips box (excellent) and then a Nokia which was, unfortunately, a triumph of style over function.

  phil 11:26 18 Dec 2004

We have an aeriel just a mile from where we live but it's just a relay and is being de-commissioned in 2006.

Our next nearest digital transmitters are Sutton Coldfield (35 miles N), Ridge Hill (40 miles S) and Wrekin (20 miles E).

To get any of these we would need a new aeriel and a very high post to stick it on. Cost around £200.

The REALLY STUPID thing is that the Wrekin transmitter is situted in an area that has 100% cable coverage and doesn't need a Free to Air service as such.

  deep-joy 11:33 18 Dec 2004

So what makes these more expensive boxes worth having? Has anyone doene a compare/contrast on them?

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