Freeserve's Direct Debit system.

  nickhick 22:47 28 Sep 2003

I have just changed, paying for my Anytime internet connection from Switch Debit card to their Direct Debit system. I gave details over the phone last Wednesday but, as yet, have not had any confirmation from them or my bank, come to that. My DD details are all there when I go into the member's centre on the Freeserve Website and log on with my account name and password etc.

Has anyone else used this method of payment for Freeserve's services?

  Forum Editor 00:31 29 Sep 2003

because they will already have the debit instruction from you - via Freeserve. They'll simply pay Freeserve from your account when asked to do so, and they'll continue to do it until you tell them to stop.

You should have received a direct debit form from Freeserve - this is the instruction to your bank to make the payments, and you have to sign it. I have heard of direct debits being set up over the phone on one or two occasions before, but I'm not sure how it works - how the bank confirms that you have authorised the debit in other words.

  JIM 06:05 29 Sep 2003

Afer reading the F.E post (I'm not sure how it works) my alarm bell started ringing as i am not to sure if i like this new system of Direct Debit.

Maybe i just come from the wrong generation :) ( not trusting all new ways)

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Increased sales/Used as part of the telesales
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Customers have all the usual benefits of paying by DirectDebit, such as consumer protection maintained through the Direct Debit Guarantee.
The only difference is that don?t have to fill out and a form to sign up.

How the service works
Once you are set up as a
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All Paperless Direct Debit scripts
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  JIM 06:10 29 Sep 2003

Link may not work/ pdf file.

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