Freeserve well done!!

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 10:27 19 Jan 2003
  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 10:27 19 Jan 2003

Have been with Freeserve anytime for about 2 years now and having experianced the joys of broadband at work decided the time was right to upgrade my 56k dailup at home to b/b, signed up for b/b on the freeserve home page 8th jan, paid on line for the modem kit (£85) got e-mail to confirm passwords etc and confirmation within minutes.

Was told that would take 10 days to go on-line and in the meantime carry on using the anytime account. Modem arrived on the 14th line activated on the 15th, all up and running within 6days!! phoned freeserve to cancel anytime account phone answered within 6 rings!!

Now i am a happy surfer!! WELL DONE FREESERVE for a trouble free and quick upgrade.

  spuds 12:47 19 Jan 2003

I notice that the DSG outlets are pressing the sale of Freeserve BB with some very tempting reduced price special offers.Could this be a possible BB price war pending, with others perhaps following the act, and trying to increase their market capacity with better service etc.Let's wait and see!!.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 14:22 19 Jan 2003

Possible, the demand is certainly there I know that Freeserve is REALLY unhappy with BT. I was tempted by the BT offer but in the end decided to stay with the beast that I know, besides which all my domain e-mails are routed via Freeserve and I also did'nt want to lose my Freeserve address's I considered the conection charge to be fair after looking around and we cannot get cable in this area.It is in opion well worth the extra £14 p/m as the kids use the internet a lot and it frees up the phone line.

ps, not wanting to show off but currently connected at 576000bps!! (certainly beats the old 46000)

  powerless 14:35 19 Jan 2003

click here

Wait till (well i hope you dont have to) phone there help lines, very helpful ;-)

  WiLL-A 20:38 19 Jan 2003

You should have taken the offer of free modem and sometimes even free connection with one of the other ISP's such as...

Pipex - free modem, £23.44 connection, £23.49 per month

Tiscalli - free modem, free connection, £27.00m per month

AOL - free connection, free modem, £27.99 per month

Prices including VAT

  Aspman 10:50 20 Jan 2003

BB isn't available where I live nor is it likely to be available anytime soon. So it was with some surprize I saw a huge advertising banner for AOL BB "In your Area" .

Nice bit of research Mr AOL Marketing Man.

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