Freeserve to Wanadoo

  greenlamp 21:01 28 Apr 2004

Has anybody else had a close look at the "new" terms and conditions following the name change!! fro Freeserve to Wanadoo.
Apparently this change (for my benefit) means that the unlimited broadband service I had for £27.99 per month from Freeserve is now a capped access service. I suspect I'll be looking elsewhere.

  maz2 23:08 28 Apr 2004

It says that if you joined before today there is no formal limit but a fair use clause applies (whatever that is)

  ened 06:49 29 Apr 2004

I have never been entirely happy with Freeserve but have stuck with them on the "better the devil you know" principle.
It always makes me laugh when these big companies write to you about changes made 'for your benefit'.
maz2 I have quickly read the new agreement and cannot find this 'fair use' clause.
Anyway I thought one of the main ideas about Broadband was that it is 'always on'.
If they are going to start running it with time limits I suspect they will suffer a severe drop off in new /lose existing subscriptions.

  Timmy!! 11:14 29 Apr 2004

I seriously doubt they will impose a time limit but instead a data cap will be implimented retaining an always on connection.

Ntl and Blueyonder both have a fair usage cap of 1GB of downloaded data per day. In my opinion this is more than enough for any standard user. Anyone who would want to use more than this would probably have constant concurrent kazaa/emule/… downloads 24/7 and is doing so selfishly and as ADSL/Broardband is a contended service,to the detriment of up to 49 other users’ connection speeds. A fact I feel that is often overlooked.

If other broardband companies are introducing similar limits then it will surely benefit the majority of users. Which may or may not mean you.

  carver 17:29 29 Apr 2004

If you care to take a look at the new Wanadoo website and look at the terms and conditions, you will find that existing customers on broadband still keep their unlimited access. So don't get too upset just yet, if they do alter the usage I will be one of the first to change.

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