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  shando34 15:41 26 Feb 2004

I have an account with Freeserve Broadband. I recently received a letter stating that they had sent continuous e-mails to me notifying me that my payments hadn't been received. When I called the Billing Dept I was told that I hadn't paid in 10 months (£25 approx a month). I received no e-mails from whatsoever from Freeserve, when I mentioned this I was told that it was my responsibility to check that payments were going through. A similar thing happend before when I changed the card details with which I was paying Freeserve, as the person I spoke to on the phone never bothered actioning the change of payment details my account went unpaid for 2 months. When I found out and complained I was told by a "manager" that the 2 months fee would be waived as it was Freeserves error. I now find out today that whoever told me this was lying as Freeserve would never do this. When I asked if I could pay it up the only offer that was made was to pay it in installments over six days. I told Freeserve that I would be able to pay in full on 23 Mar 04 but they would not accept this. They have also told me that as I have a contract with them, although I only ever signed for a 12 month contract in Sep 2002 and nothing thereafter, I would not be able to cancel my account with them and further that I would not be able to use another broadband vendor as they had locked my line. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  Audeal 15:33 28 Feb 2004

As your contract period is over then you can cancel your account anytime you like and they can't stop you.

As for locking your line, I have never heard of this before and I suspect this is just to frighten you. You could always check with BT to see if this has been done, or is possible.

I have been with Freeserve for about 3 years now and I am in the process of migrating to Pipex as I have abandoned freeserve e-mail due to the Spam problem. Two weeks ago I received more that 60 spam e-mails over night which is over the top.

I hope you get this sorted out soon. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  carver 19:53 28 Feb 2004

There is a couple of things to take into account and the first is that the contract with Freeseve is for a 12 month period, so any money owed to them in that period from Sept 2002 to Sept 2003 will have to be paid in full. They have to give you a reasonable length of time to pay any outstanding debt and if you have given them a date, they will have to accept this. As for locking your line, they can only bar you from using Freeserve and not any other ISP. It seems strange that they have allowed you to continue with Freeseve for all this time without taking any action until now.

  shando34 12:49 02 Mar 2004

I have written a letter of complaint to Freeserve in reference to this matter and am awaiting their reply. It does seem strange that I was permitted to carry on despite no bill being paid for 10 months and then when I attempt to correct this situation I am cut off immediately, without any leeway, even though they (Freeserve) let it lie for 10 months! If a payment isn't received for any other service I use be it electricity, gas, phone bill etc. I am informed almost immediately, but not as it would appear with Freeserve. It would also appear that this is down to someone at the billing dept not doing their job properly yet I am the one who is suffering. I had to quickly try and mail all my contacts which I use on my Freeserve email account telling them of my MSN address. But there remains some companies I have had dealings with and never managed to get my new address to, yet more inconvenience. I shall wait and see what the reply to my letter of complaints states and most probably change vendors once I settle the arrears. The thing is, I had been completely happy with service provided up until this happened! I suppose it's not a good sign when the staff on a company's helpline arrogantly quote conditions to you and fail to offer any actual help whatsoever, it kind of defeats the purpose of the helpline. In fact, it's somewhat reminiscent of those cowboys at PC World. Enough said I think.

Many thanks for the input dudes.


  Audeal 19:58 02 Mar 2004

There is another option open to you. You could opt for a bigfoot account which is for life. With Bigfoot you would use an address, such as "your name (without the space, of course) your e-mail is then redirected to your address (which no one else knows) and if you lose one of your addresses you simply go onto the Bigfoot website and change you address so your e-mail is then redirected to another address. I have done this after abandoning Freeserve with no problems.

Bigfoots address is click here

  Kinder Scout 23:37 02 Mar 2004

You never noticed you were £25 a month better off?

  shando34 19:31 06 Mar 2004

Dude, no I never noticed 25 quid a month better off as my wife and I both share a the same account and her wage also goes into the same acount, she also earns different amounts each month, not that it's any of your business but I also have many other payments going into the same account which makes a small amount like £25 pass by unnoticed. However, when you arrange for a payment to be made to a vendor for the service they provide the least you expect is that they act upon this efficiently and professionally, two words I wouldn't use to describe freeserve. Also, if you aren't going to contribute to the thread constructively then don't contribute at all. Is this really the best you can offer "You never noticed you were £25 a month better off?"?

Iam still awaiting Freeserve's reply. Cheers Audeal for the Bigfoot idea.

  Audeal 23:19 06 Mar 2004

Actually shando34 you are not £25 better off with Bigfoot. Bigfoot is basically a staging post where an e-mail is sent to you through Bidgoot.

If, for example, you sent me an e-mail then you would send it to my Bigfoot Address and then Bigfoot will pass it on to my normal Address so this keeps my real address a secret.

You need your normal e-mail client supplied by your provider for Bigfoot to send you e-mail to, so you still pay for that. The Bigfoot account is free, but with some restrictions. I only use it when I do not want to give my real address to people I do not really trust, such as, when using MS Messenger and other chat rooms.

  valex008 08:40 07 Mar 2004

have bt turn your line off, have a new line put in with a diffrent name !! get a new isp from here ---> click here
tell freeserve to send you a final bill because you are moving just before the number change, when it comes send it back sayin not at this address !! and let them whistle !!!

  MidgetMan 13:14 07 Mar 2004

If its any consolation I have been having almost the same trouble as you, since I first signed up with Freeserve ( on dailup) I was always being billed direct onto my credit card. When I switched to b/b they payments were at first being taken, however after about 4 months I noticed that I was not being billed as usual. I contacted my credit card company to see if any probs etc and was told "no everythings set up but not being called for". I have to date contacted Freeserve at least a dozen times and only received one reply which stated that according to there records I was not a freeserve customer.!!! So far I have paid Freeserve for 9 months, and yet am still connected. What else can one do? I have tried to tell them to bill on numerous occasions!! What happens when they finally twig?? do I get a large bill? or disconnected and a bad credit rating?

  shando34 13:42 07 Mar 2004

Yes mate, your situation is exactly like mine. Yes, they will hit you with a large bill and ask you to pay it within two days and disable your connection and bar your freeserve email account into the bargain. All this has happened to me despite giving them a date (23 Mar 04) that I would pay the arrears in full (more than £200). One of the other things that grips me is that when you call them and let them know that it is their error as you have given them all the cooperation they requested, they come across as arrogant and belligerent. I am not so niaive as to think that the customer is always right, however, I do not think that civility and politeness are too much to ask. It's a bit like road rage really, they feel all safe speaking to you on the other end of a phone like dudes in their cars flipping you the bird after they cut you up, but just how those morons would speak to you face to face would be different story I'm sure. Honestly, it gets me mad just thinking about it, rant, rant, rant. Lol. Seriously though, the idea put forward by Valex 008 is becoming increasingly attractive.

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