The Paul 19:41 18 Feb 2003

Am I seeing things - I've just received an email from Freeserve inviting me to sign up for BB with no initial outlay. All I pay is the £27.99 per month - usual contract terms ie 12 months.

Sounds like a good deal to me - OR IS IT???

  spuds 20:29 18 Feb 2003

Just another Freeserve promo offer.I think that they have about 3 going at present in various guises. They are all at it!!.

  tartanterror 20:48 18 Feb 2003

as with spam if it looks too good to be true then it usually is....

  tbh72 20:50 18 Feb 2003

click here

This is the current offer from freeserve's website it has a setup charge of £84.99

  The Paul 21:00 18 Feb 2003

Dear Freeserve Member,

At Freeserve, we value our members, which is why we've been working hard to look at ways we can improve your Internet experience with us. As Chief Executive of Freeserve, I'd like to take you through just a few of the great services available to you exclusively as a Freeserve member.

Freeserve is proud to be the UK's number 1 Internet Service Provider and as a big thank you for helping us get there, we'd like to give you something in return. That's why we're providing all of our current members in Broadband enabled areas, the opportunity to be set up on Freeserve Broadband for nothing, no charge for the modem and no connection fee. All you'll pay is the monthly fee of £27.99 with no other costs whatsoever. To find out more about this exclusive benefit for existing Freeserve members only, please Click here.

  The Paul 21:02 18 Feb 2003

click here

sorry - this is the link. Seems on the level to me.

  crx16 21:35 18 Feb 2003

"Your all-in one connection kit with modem must be returned should you cancel the service." doesnt say if that is within the first 12 months or anytime after,

  The Paul 21:43 18 Feb 2003

I can live with that. There is a section which states that the minimum contract term is 12 months - much the same as the other BB providers I've been looking at.

Bottom line folks - assuming this isnt bogus - which it doesnt look like - it seems a good deal.

  The Paul 16:08 19 Feb 2003

Basically, the deal is as shown. No connection, no cost for acquiring the modem and a flat monthly fee of £27.99. Thats as good a deal as I have seen.

So I called the 0870 (national rate) number and after 45 minutes had drawn a blank.

I'd be interested in your views on this, and especially Guy's.

I use BT HomeHighway as BB wasnt available when I was setting up my PC. As the exchange shows that the ISDN digital connection is in place, BT cannot themselves or for any other ISP, clearly confirm that I can actually have BB. This is despite the fact that my neighbours have BB and that we are 3.1km from our BB operational exchange. This results in an inability by Freeserve to process an order from me as they need to be totally sure that I can run BB before setting up the work process to enable it. This is not the fault of Freeserve - its an issue with BT.

Freeserve are left in the position that they cannot process and order from until I have had the H/Highway removed!!!?????

I called BT to enquire about this nonsense. They confirmed what Freeserve had said. Here's the twist. It will cost me £50 to have the H/Highway removed if I want to set up BB with Freeserve (who remember are not charging me £50 for the modem). If, however, I wish to switch to BT Broadband or BT Openworld Broadband (where they do charge £50 for the modem) they WILL NOT CHARGE ME FOR THE REMOVAL OF THE ISDN HOMEHIGHWAY CONNECTION.

There are words to describe this - but I'm a polite user of the Forum!!!!

  anchor 16:35 19 Feb 2003

Consider the current offer from Pipex. Connection fee, plus a free modem and 2 filters, all for £19.95.

Charges are £19.95/month, - (all plus vat), thereafter.

I have been on Pipex for about 10 months, and am fully satisfied.

click here

  The Paul 16:46 19 Feb 2003

Cheers anchor for the tip. I'd looked at them and would go except that they do not offer a static IP address. As a PDA user, I've been assured that I could not gain access to email and so on while I'm on the move.

Unless you or our fellow troopers in here know differently.

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