freeserve back

  MidgetMan 13:30 29 Nov 2003

Thank goodness, been unable to connect using Freeserve since 7am, automated message on support line saying "we are experiencing difficulty's"

All seems to be sorted out now, but anyone know could have caused it??

  bab5 13:40 29 Nov 2003


It might be related to Tuesdays outrage when a cable got cut, see

click here


  anchor 17:24 29 Nov 2003

Could well have been the same problem that Pipex had today.

This was the Pipex posting:

"A BT RADIUS problem between around 8.00am and 1.30pm prevented some Pipex ADSL customers from connecting to the network. This problem also affected other ISPs".

All seems OK now.

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