Freeserve Anytime Price Increase

  rawprawn 09:34 28 Feb 2003

I have an email this morning from Freeserve increasing the monthly subscription from 25th March to £14.99,. I think that this is now getting expensive, what are my other choices at a lower price. I don't live in an area covered by NTL

  Bennythejet 13:04 28 Feb 2003

I have just got the same e-mail and it has really annoyed me. I switched to Freeserve as they were cheaper than BT and we not putting a cap on the number of hours I could use per month. After only 3 months with them I find they are hiking their prices up. If anyone has any advice as to who to go to I would be grateful

  Aspman 13:30 28 Feb 2003

I'm going back to pay-per-minute, I hardly use the internet at home.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:17 28 Feb 2003

Better the devil you know. If you are happy with the connection speeds and connection times then you may find a cheaper ISP has lots of connection problems from area to area. I use Tiscali and get excellent connections etc so I would be loathe to transfer to another ISP that is a pound or two cheaper. However in some areas people have had major problems with Tiscali.


  rawprawn 14:27 28 Feb 2003

Thanks for the imput guy's, but I remember reading a posting about an ISP that charged about £7 per month for 24/7. I thought I had made a note of it, but in the usual way of things I have lost it. I will leave the thread open for awhile to see if there are any more ideas.

  tbh72 14:44 28 Feb 2003

click here=

The Lite & Insomniac packages might be of interest to you.

You might find that the increased charges are due to several reason's, less subscribers due to migration to BB.... I used the increased charges as incentive to migrate myself, after all, for less than double your money you increase your connection 10 fold, kinda speak's for itself really.

  rawprawn 15:32 28 Feb 2003

Thanks tbh72, that Lite deal looks interesting to me, I never stay on longer than 6 hours a day.

  Stuartli 18:04 28 Feb 2003

I notice that FreeServe is still advertising on TV its half price offer to new subscribers at £6.99 a month.

Surely this is tantamount to dubious practice if the price is about to go up?

  stealthdevil 19:29 28 Feb 2003

This is the 3rd time Freeserve has hiked up its prices. It dominated the unlimited internet service by charging £10 per month for internet charge (24/7) then it allowed you to make £10 worth of calls anywhere (local, national and international). So basically it worked out free. Until they created the AnyTime service and basically told everyone to go to that and pay £12.99 per month, since they are cancelling the unlimited one. Then it went to £13.99 now £14.99. For some reason, I don't think this is the last of the price increases. If anything I would expect internet prices to drop since so many are offering it. Well, to sum up, I don't live in a broadband area or cable area, so I don't have much choice. Their service is very good and connection speeds are excellent. I will still continue to pay the £14.99 until I can get ADSL which will be about next year :(

  rawprawn 09:45 01 Mar 2003

I think that we all suffer from inertia, like chaning your bank account causes a lot of hassle.
Getting reconnected, & new email addresses is a bind.I have had good service from Freeserve but as stealthdevil points out they have imposed substatial price hikes over the last couple of years.I shall be looking very closely at the competition with a view to getting a better deal.

  Forum Editor 12:17 01 Mar 2003

and I've recommended that she stays with them. She's never had any problems, gets connected pretty well first time every time, and they seem to do exactly what they say on the tin.

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