Freeserve Anytime dialler kit

  nickhick 14:51 09 Aug 2003

Has anyone succumbed to the letter from Freeserve, admonishing customers if they don't download their dialler kit in order to obtain continued connection to their Anytime service. There are apparently a raft of new numbers within this kit although these can be obtained elsewhere or by a bit of jiggery-pokery, if you are that way inclined.
Unlike many others, I've got some of the 'new' number and have manually listed them in my XP's DUN where one can list these as 'alternate' numbers and used, should any one of these be defunct or not appropriate to your area etc.

  The Paul 17:30 09 Aug 2003

As far as I know, I've had the dialler kit for some time now. It doesnt cause me a problem (not that I'm aware of anyway) and my connection times are as good as they ever were.

Is there a problem with the kit?

  Bruce_Lee 17:42 09 Aug 2003

I found that my internet connection was unstable with the kit constantly running in the background and I kept getting cut off. I am still using the new number that the kit provided but I have disabled the program in the registry.

  nickhick 14:19 10 Aug 2003

Out of interest, what number are you presently using?

  palinka 15:52 10 Aug 2003

I succumbed to the letter about the kit when it first appeared. After that I had all sorts of problems (it's so long ago now that i can't remember what the problems were) and had to use system restore to get back to normal. I've ignored badgering from Freeserve about this ever since and intend to ignore it until - if ever - Freeserve says I can't continue with their service unless I install the kit.

  Bruce_Lee 13:51 12 Aug 2003

I am at work at the moment so I don't have access to the number.

The number I am using I got from the Freeserve website, when they had a section where you could type in your postcode and it would give you the best dialup number to use.

I am on the Isle of Wight, (just off the south coast) so you might not want to use the same number unless you're in the same area!

  nickhick 14:07 12 Aug 2003

Was just interested, that's all.

  Tenner 00:52 13 Aug 2003

Several months ago, the 'suits' took over at VIP who ran Breathe, WHSmith and others and caused havoc for Anytime users. They are now doing the same with pay-as-you-go subscribers and blocking email access by ignoring previously valid passwords.

Try click here as an illustration of what was going on. Is this related to your problem ? Could be a sign of things to come.

I went to www, like several others and found a reliable ISP ( well, so far ! )


  Andrew P 10:52 13 Aug 2003

of August PCA. It has all the numbers listed in the screenshot there, and contrary to what it says, they don't vary depending on where you are. I just tapped the numbers into the Windows XP DUN software under 'alternates'. The most frequently used numbers are 08089916001 (because this is the number set up on your PC when you originally join Anytime) and 08089916080 (The number the connection kit dials by default.) I wouldn't recommend any of these numbers as they are overcrowded and overused. I recently (last few days) started getting cut off every few minutes (there was no pattern in the cut off times) on both those numbers, and once connected, the computer would just sit there, download 1/2 of whatever web page I went on first, then stall and refuse to do anything. I put one of the numbers which is less used (nearer to the bottom of the list on the screenshot in PCA) as my default number, and now I connect first time every time, no cut offs, no stalling, and a lot faster. The complete list of Anytime numbers TTBOMK is:

08089933006 (No longer active).

-Andrew P. :o)

  Big Elf 12:53 13 Aug 2003

I got the numbers from click here

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