Freeserve Again

  ened 18:21 11 Jun 2004

This afternoon I posted a request for help in the other Forum.

My Father came to computers late in life and was having problems connecting to Freeserve, so called their helpline thinking it was his fault. The best their 50pence a minute helpline could offer was that his 'modem must be faulty'.

It is a long story but the gist of it is that without his having to try any of the suggestions from the Forum it miraculously returned.

I used to have this problem when I used their dial-up account.

They never admit the fault is at their end but everything suddenly starts working and the customer has wasted hours and money trying to sort out a problem of their creation.

  oresome 22:03 11 Jun 2004

I think you'll find it's Wanadoo now. Although leopards and spots may spring to mind.

  interzone55 22:07 12 Jun 2004

If you're using dial-up you're always going to have this sort of problem with Freeserve / Wanadoo.

The problem boils down to the fact that they have a couple of million customers, but only a couple of hundred thousand lines into their datacentres. So basically you will have problems with busy signals from time to time. The trick is to make sure the volume from you modem is tuned up (this can be done from the modem properties in Control Panel). You will then here your modem dialing out, it will sound a lot like a fax machine dialing. You will also be able to hear if there is a busy signal.

It's always a good idea to keep the volume up on your modem, because then you can hear if your PC is dialling out do to any dodgy dialler software that's installed itself.

  safemode 11:36 13 Jun 2004

it puzzles me why anyone would want to be with wanadont, they don't even exist! if they invested in a few servers then i may consider.

  interzone55 17:32 13 Jun 2004

I'm with Freeserve / Wanadoo broadband, have been for 2 years, and have yet to experience a service outage that wasn't down to BT.

  justme 22:55 13 Jun 2004

Just as an aside, if you rely on hearing your computer dialing out to dodgy sites you are going to get a real big surprise someday when you get your phone bill. The dialers I have experienced all turn off the speaker before doing their dirty business. You will not hear (or see) a thing.

I agree with you about the volume when dialing out to freeserve though.

  interzone55 16:47 14 Jun 2004

Thanks for that info, I've never had a problem with a dodgy dialler, and seeing as I don't even have a modem anymore (ADSL)it's not something I have to worry about. But I will remember it in futer if any friends/relatives get huge unexpected bills.

  fitcher 12:00 18 Jun 2004

I have found it impossible to contact freeserve ...I see they are going to take the credit card monnies directly to wanadoo instead of through the independant world pay . as you know with world pay there was a means of stopping your credit card payments .in the event that freeserve was overcharging you,, that loophole has been plugged. and you will have to change your credit card to stop them now ,very inconvienient , but one will have to do it ..

  ened 13:12 18 Jun 2004

a month for Broadband and was unable to connect for an hour this morning.
I flatly refuse to call their high rate number but if it happens again (this is not the first time - previous occasions were not so long)I shall deem them to have broken the contract, and change ISP.

  Kilobyte 00:05 20 Jun 2004

You can pay by direct debit with wanadoo - and this way the customer is in control of the account. Cancel the mandate at your bank to prevent any more money being debited.

  Aspman 13:29 23 Jun 2004

My Dad has had a problem with his Wanadoo Broadband. He phoned the help line (for how long I don't know) did get a support guy but couldn't understand what was being asked of him and he had to give up in the end. He is not particularly IT literate but not that bad either.

I was round last night and uninstalled/reinstalled his modem and connection and all was well again. I was a little disspointed with Wanadoo I thought they would have experience of leading non-techies through these (in this case quite simple) problems. Bit more training needed maybe.

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