Freesat lack of programmes.

  Bald Eagle 19:21 27 Jun 2011

Why do I get less programmes on Freesat than I would on Freeview. There is a reason why I cannot use an aerial. I would love to watch Dave, Yesterday and another one that escapes me at the moment.

  spuds 19:30 27 Jun 2011

Not saying this is the answer, and it probably isn't (maybe not enough channels or interest with FreeSat!), but does you FreeSat device require a re-tune?.

We lost quite a number of programmes the other week on our Freeview, and a simple automatic re-tune brought everything back to 'approved' order, and a few more channels extra, which was an added bonus.

  john 52 05:36 28 Jun 2011

There is a reason why I cannot use an aerial

Do you mean satellite dish ??

  961 09:44 28 Jun 2011

The reason regarding the particular channels you mention is that on the Astra (Freesat) satellite they are available but are licensed for transmission by Sky as part of their "paid for" packages. They are, therefore, encrypted, and cannot be watched on the Freesat platform

As I understand it this is the decision of the owners of the channels one of which is the BBC which obviously charges money for the use of its "back catalogue"

  chub_tor 19:04 28 Jun 2011

Like you I have been very disappointed with the number of channels available on FreeSat compared to FreeView. I chose FreeSat because it was the only way of getting HDTV channels in our area. Now that FreeView HD has arrived I am saving my pennies to get a FreeView HD PVR and will happily ditch my satellite dish and FreeSat HD PVR.

  961 20:08 28 Jun 2011


The amount of bandwidth available on freeview is very limited

If you have a dish, stick with it

  woodchip 23:36 28 Jun 2011

I also think there as been some mixup on this thread, Sky Freesat as nothing to do with BBC/ITV Freesat they are from different companies

  961 09:52 29 Jun 2011


No mixup.

The programmes the op talks about (e.g. Dave and Yesterday) are carried without encryption on Freeview and can be viewed by anyone with an aerial and a tv with a Freeview tuner or a Freeview set top box

The programmes are also transmitted on the Astra satellite but on this platform they are encrypted so that they can be viewed only via a sky box with an active subscription card. The programmes are in effect sold by the channel owners. They can't be viewed via a Freesat set top box or indeed by a sky box without an active card

Much of the material transmitted on these channels belongs to the BBC who may well have copyright agreements with artists and others to prevent it being shown outside the UK. This arrangement achieves that, although I recognise that some viewers in Europe make use of sky subscriptions to watch encrypted programmes

  chub_tor 10:01 29 Jun 2011

For the record here is the comparison between Sky Freesat, regular Freesat and Freeview. Sadly there does not seem to be Dave or Yesterday on Sky Freesat. Lots of other channels though but none that I would wish to spend £175 on (does that include PVR functions? I could not see it on the website to confirm or deny). Incidentally I can get 5HD on my regular Freesat (Humax) box so the comparison is not completely correct.

  woodchip 10:56 29 Jun 2011

961 Sorry but you are wrong, I have a Comage Set top box that is for Astra and other sats but as you say not for SKY but there are two FreeSats the one used by SKY is in fact licensed from the BBC and ITV network to use the name, But the BBC and/ITV started using there own FreeSat this one does not need a top up card and can be viewed in HD. And I think the thread was started with the BBC freeSat in mind, Not the SKY one

Its as chub_tor as found out as he as paid for a Freesat (Humax) box, after you pay for this there is no more to pay at the moment

  961 12:06 29 Jun 2011

We must agree to differ

Although sky will install Freesat (under the name Freesat from Sky) it is the same product with the same channel selection. As has been stated it does not include Dave, or Yesterday or, incidentally, Sky News. The basic difference is that Sky will use their own HD box for the installation in the hope that at some point in the future you may decide to change to a Sky package

Other installers will use a set top box of your choice including, for example, Humax

But any Freesat installation will have the same Freesat EPG and the same programmes, be the install by Sky or any other contractor

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