Freesat lack of programmes.

  Bald Eagle 19:21 27 Jun 2011

Why do I get less programmes on Freesat than I would on Freeview. There is a reason why I cannot use an aerial. I would love to watch Dave, Yesterday and another one that escapes me at the moment.

  spuds 19:30 27 Jun 2011

Not saying this is the answer, and it probably isn't (maybe not enough channels or interest with FreeSat!), but does you FreeSat device require a re-tune?.

We lost quite a number of programmes the other week on our Freeview, and a simple automatic re-tune brought everything back to 'approved' order, and a few more channels extra, which was an added bonus.

  chub_tor 19:04 28 Jun 2011

Like you I have been very disappointed with the number of channels available on FreeSat compared to FreeView. I chose FreeSat because it was the only way of getting HDTV channels in our area. Now that FreeView HD has arrived I am saving my pennies to get a FreeView HD PVR and will happily ditch my satellite dish and FreeSat HD PVR.

  woodchip 23:36 28 Jun 2011

I also think there as been some mixup on this thread, Sky Freesat as nothing to do with BBC/ITV Freesat they are from different companies

  chub_tor 10:01 29 Jun 2011

For the record here is the comparison between Sky Freesat, regular Freesat and Freeview. Sadly there does not seem to be Dave or Yesterday on Sky Freesat. Lots of other channels though but none that I would wish to spend £175 on (does that include PVR functions? I could not see it on the website to confirm or deny). Incidentally I can get 5HD on my regular Freesat (Humax) box so the comparison is not completely correct.

  woodchip 10:56 29 Jun 2011

961 Sorry but you are wrong, I have a Comage Set top box that is for Astra and other sats but as you say not for SKY but there are two FreeSats the one used by SKY is in fact licensed from the BBC and ITV network to use the name, But the BBC and/ITV started using there own FreeSat this one does not need a top up card and can be viewed in HD. And I think the thread was started with the BBC freeSat in mind, Not the SKY one

Its as chub_tor as found out as he as paid for a Freesat (Humax) box, after you pay for this there is no more to pay at the moment

  Bald Eagle 13:24 29 Jun 2011

This is what is happening, I didn't want to go into details because I may be infringing site rules by suggesting something "illegal". I am 64 years old and so having paid TV licences for 46 years I've helped to pay for the programmes on Dave etc. In England I have FreeView and watch Dave etc and obviously I'm still paying TV tax, because that's what it is.

However, for a large part of the year I'm in France and watch UK programmes via satellite. That is the illegal bit, but I cannot see Dave via Freesat and I'm buggered if I'm paying Sky to watch stuff I've already helped to finance.

  woodchip 17:22 29 Jun 2011

Bald Eagle You are doing anything illegal using the Sat system you are using from France, its only in England you pay

You will not get Dave on Sky freesat.

But I did think it was on the Humax Freesat System if you try tuning it in.

Its a wast of time trying to explain that there is two kinds of Freesat

All I can say is just type Freesat into google and you will have the choice of looking a Freesat or Sky Freesat not the same

  Bald Eagle 21:26 29 Jun 2011

strong textIts a wast of time trying to explain that there is two kinds of Freesat

All I can say is just type Freesat into google and you will have the choice of looking a Freesat or Sky Freesat not the same emphasized text

That is a rather condescending answer! I put Freesat because it is Freesat I have, nothing to do with Sky Freesat.

  chub_tor 09:40 30 Jun 2011

961 Sorry but you are wrong about Sky Freesat and standard Freesat having the same channel selection. Sky Freesat has many more TV Channels. If you want to see the difference then look at This for Standard and This for Sky. Sky claim 100 more channels and they may well be right, I started a paper comparison and it was certainly a long list before I gave up. For a start Sky has 15 channels for religion whereas the standard one only has 5 - for a full comparison you will need to download the Freesat pdf. Personally I can't see that the extra channels available on Sky Freesat are worth me throwing over my Humax box for, but Freeview HD appeals on two grounds - 1. I can get back some of the channels that I lost when I moved from Freeview to Freesat and 2. I can get rid of the satellite dish that is a pain in the backside whenever it rains and | lose signal.

  dms_05 12:09 30 Jun 2011

The basic difference between Freesat and Freesat from Sky is Freesat allows access to all FTA (Free To Air) broadcasts on satellites positioned at 28/28.5 degs via the Freesat EPG. Freesat from Sky allows in addition the receipt of FTV (Free To View) channels which are encrypted but free - these are received via the Sky EPG and you need a Freesat from Sky card costing around £25 inserted in a Sky receiver. These cards last for many years.

A further alternative is to use a satellite receiver/PVR that is neither Freesat nor Freesat from Sky which will allow you to manually tune the channels. This is a cheaper route that the Freesat method as the equipment can be bought cheaper. However it won't allow access to FTV programmes.

The programmes the OP is missing are straight forward Pay TV and you will need to pay for them. The BBC sells it's output to 3rd party broadcasters for considerable sums and they then recover this cost by offer them via Pay TV. If anyone is to balme it's the BBC for selling the programmes we have already paid them to make.

The OP isn't breaking any laws by watching BBC/ITV in France. However the BBC/ITV are, in some instances, breaking their agreement with suppliers of content by allowing the content to be viewed extensively outside UK borders. A new satellite is about to be launched (Astra 1N) that will have a much tighter beam than Astra 2D and the likely outcome is some channels will become more difficult to receive outside the UK. However no details are yet available.

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