morddwyd 10:13 19 Oct 2012

I think I've had it with Freecycle/Freegle and their derivatives.

Yet again, for the third or fourth time I've waited for someone who failed to show, picked from over 100 responses.

In the past I've had abuse because the fully working dishwasher they came for had a perished inlet hose, I've been asked to deliver (many times) and been told they didn't really want the item but it seemed "too good an opportunity to miss".

I've come round to think the skip is a lot less trouble.

  Forum Editor 10:48 19 Oct 2012

Transferred to Tech Consumer Advice from Speakers Corner.

  morddwyd 11:00 19 Oct 2012


  Forum Editor 12:10 19 Oct 2012

Because it's a Consumer-related matter, and I prefer to have it here.

  Diemmess 16:55 19 Oct 2012

Wherever this thread goes it would be a pity not to restart it. I share morddwyd's idea of placing this in Speaker's Corner because the thread is more chat than substance. Not motivated to argue

morddwyd you must live in an 'unsympathetic' area. Our local Freecycle brigade shows little sign of trouble except to a few who add 'no time wasters' to their post. Some even stipulate "No carboot sellers." Why not?

Always a squirrel keeping things which might be useful ---- Have had people collect an ancient bike, a bundle of a dozen trolley wheels, a box full of mains electric motors and of course an Epson printer with a useless print head. The years of surplus plums are a no-brainer except for an almost total crop failure this year.

Have had a nifty little clock radio It goes the opposite side of the bed so that whichever eye I open first will see the time. It had a damaged backup battery holder which hot glue mended. A small but very powerful vacuum cleaner (for my workshop) which it seems was not suitable for his van.

OK it all may finish at the tip, but will have given an extended lease of life in the interval Only one that I can remember lost interest, but there's always one.

  Woolwell 18:58 19 Oct 2012

Perhaps another problem with Scotland? (tongue in cheek!)

In Devon I've used Refurnish Devon without any problem. They took my duff fridge freezer.

  morddwyd 19:38 19 Oct 2012


I appreciate that, I was just a little confused.

It has nothing to do with "what to buy and where to buy it ... which supplier to use? supplier treated (me) badly, or .... current consumer legislation." and doesn't involve money in any form.

It has everything to do with unreasonable and selfish behaviour by ordinary people, which is usually a fairly widely debated subject in SC.

  morddwyd 19:45 19 Oct 2012


We have something similar, that accepts and redistributes stuff, which I ten to use for bigger items.

Freecycle/Freegle is simply between individuals, and I suppose tens of thousand use it with gratitude.

Perhaps, as has been suggested, I live in a bad area.

I qualify for three, perhaps I should try the other two!

  onthelimit1 20:21 19 Oct 2012

There's no telling whether something you give away will later be sold on ebay or at a car boot. I like to think that, most of the time, the items go to someone who is grateful for an item that they can't afford to buy. That is my experience (I hope) in North Shropshire where I live.

  rdave13 21:08 19 Oct 2012

Tech consumer? Thought this was about the modern 'jumble sale'?

  BT 08:42 20 Oct 2012

I'm a little apprehensive about my local Freegle group, as the greater majority of the posts seem to be from people requesting items rather than offering them. There is often a list of items requested seemingly from the same person.

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