Freecom Hard Drive

  maz2 10:57 04 Aug 2004

click here is this any good, has anyone got one?

  Big Elf 12:11 04 Aug 2004

The link is inactive. If it's an FHD-1 then I would recommend it despite my first one failing after a couple of weeks. The replacment has been whirring away now for a year and it's connected about 12 hours a day rather than occasionally.

  Stuartli 13:39 04 Aug 2004

On the other hand I was discreetly advised not to bother with its products......

  maz2 17:14 04 Aug 2004

Ok thanks for that they send me the special offers and I was wondering whether they were reliable better to ask before you buy Cheers

  byfordr 20:10 04 Aug 2004

Not used the freecoms...had no trouble with the maxtor one touches or Lacie hard drives. (The maxtor being the better of the 2 imho)


  terryr48 21:43 04 Aug 2004

I hope there alright-just bought fd1-80gb I suppose at least the 2 year warranty gives me some comfort

  Big Elf 21:48 04 Aug 2004

What's wrong with them?

terryr48 - the technical support team are very good. Failures happen, I've had Maxtors fail after a short time.

  terryr48 21:53 04 Aug 2004

BIg Elf- Thanks for the reassurance :-)

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