Free! VOI calls

  Sapins 15:54 28 Jun 2006

Anyone heard or or tried click here for VOI calls? Looks very similar to VoiCheap which I am trying, but, the biggest difference is that you can use your ordinary telephone, no headsets, microphones, no software to install. etc:

You get 300 free minutes a week and thereafter calls cost €0.01 a minute with a €0,4 connection charge. You have to buy some credit, €10, which is valid for 90 days.

I have found that with VoiCheap there is a distinct echo and time delay on the line called.

I have tried the first "Free" cal and as I type this my wife is continuing the call to a friend, there is no echo, no time lag and it sounds just the same as my ordinary calls. Might buy the €10 and see how I get on.

By the way the free call, which I thought was for 3 minutes is coming up to 12 minutes, we may never hang up!

  Sapins 15:57 28 Jun 2006

Would you believe it I have just discovered this is by VoiCheap, did not read the e-mail properly, nothing new in that. Must see if my VoiCheap account is being used for this!

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