Free Sat Nav software from Nokia

  Al94 22:41 21 Jan 2010

with free turn by turn voice navigation. click here
I downloaded this today onto my Nokia E71 and it works a treat. Interesting to note that Tom Tom and Garmin shares fell today after this announcement which is considered by many as a watershed.

  birdface 10:19 22 Jan 2010

A good find.
Do they charge you for using it.
Normally with the likes of TOM Tom I had to use a mobile satellite receiver with it for my phone.
I wonder how they get round that.
Mind you I am talking about 7 years ago no doubt they have moved forward since then.

  Woolwell 10:52 22 Jan 2010

I have OVI maps on my Nokia but they currently charge for turn by turn instructions. There was a free trial period. If they now remove the cost for turn-by-turn it could be viable. I have used it for walking but would not use it as a driving aid. My TomTom screen is clearer (bigger) and the voice aids good plus I get safety cameras and traffic information.

buteman - with GPS built into the phone it works fine as does Google maps. A search into Google maps will find the nearest restaurant for example. Of course you have to watch data download costs for Google maps.

  birdface 11:18 22 Jan 2010

Thanks for the info.Just interested as I used to use it when I was a Courier,
I had a hands free set up in the van but used to keep the phone in my shirt pocket as I could hear it better from there.
The amount of road maps I used to have would have paid for a good set up now.
No longer working so not got one of the expensive Nokia's.They are probably to complicated for my tiny mind nowadays.
But a very good idea from Nokia.

  birdface 11:22 22 Jan 2010

Just had another look.It only works on a handful of phones.

click here

I was going to forward it to my Brother in law who works in Brussels but he has the Nokia 95 and it does not work on that.

  Woolwell 11:36 22 Jan 2010

Interesting I just checked my licence and I now seem to have free instructions. My phone is not one of those listed but under the phone itself it states that the service is available.

  Woolwell 12:09 22 Jan 2010

I also find that the GPS is slower to acquire and less accurate than TomTom's.

  birdface 13:08 22 Jan 2010

Maybe you need more memory.
Mind you most new phones come with lots of memory nowadays.
Less accurate does not sound good.
Can you just put in a postcode for it to go to, or do you need the full address.

  Woolwell 13:35 22 Jan 2010

Full postcode.

  Chegs ®™ 12:00 23 Jan 2010

click here

This is free & runs on many smartphones.I now own a cheap dedicated satnav but have used this nav4all a couple of times when the truck I was driving had no means to recharge the dedicated satnav and its battery expired a few miles from my destination.

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