Free PC`s

  cycoze 17:29 15 Dec 2003

Well a loaner at least , just heard about this on Radio2 , not for people who do not like AD`s , link to the site click here and read about it click here .

  Jester2K II 17:40 15 Dec 2003

Minimum Specification:
Intel Celeron 2.4ghz
256Mb RAM
40Gb Hard Drive
Intel Extreme 64Mb onboard Graphics
56K modem
Integrated Audio
Infinity Ext Speakers
Microsoft XP Home pre-installed
IBM E54 15" CRT Monitor
Includes Full 3 year IBM warranty

The above specification is stated as a guideline only but does constitute the minimum specification of the PC you will receive.

EH? So what is the minimum spec then?


"The PC is lent to you for a term of 36 months, after which you will be offered a new computer and a new agreement, or you can simply return the old machine to a local collection point."

So a free LOAN and not a FREE PC....

  Jester2K II 17:41 15 Dec 2003

Sorry ignore my first (ahem) "point" about spec....

  cycoze 17:43 15 Dec 2003

I did say "Well a loaner at least" still not a bad offer for someone wanting to try computing and cannot afford to buy a machine.

  Stuartli 17:48 15 Dec 2003

A similar scheme was run several years ago by a company based in Leyland, Lancashire.

It eventually went belly up.....

Beware of strangers bearing gifts....:-)

As for New Labour's so called involvement, it will jump on any bandwagon in an attempt to get cheap publicity.

Tony Blair hasn't a clue about the Superhighway, broadband etc., but you wouldn't think so to hear him pontificating on the subject. All things to all men, so no different to most lawyers.....:-)

  Jester2K II 17:51 15 Dec 2003

Sorry ignore my second (ahem) "point" about loans....

Anyone know a good eyesight forum??

  cycoze 20:31 15 Dec 2003

Found it on the BBC Radio 2 site click here .

  Forum Editor 23:14 15 Dec 2003

for an on loan PC should read the terms of the offer very carefully before applying.

There's nothing said about your right to install additional software on the computer, and I would want to know that I could do that before applying.

  cycoze 18:02 16 Dec 2003

Have to say , this morning i was talking to my non-techie Wife and the first things she asked were "how much are they charging for support help lines" followed by "who pays for it to be fixed when it goes wrong" ,insurance etc etc ,"cant see that working out financially".

Stuartli , Forum Editor , good advice ! Jester2K II click on view>text size>Largest plus Microsoft Magnifier :o)

  Jester2K II 18:05 16 Dec 2003

woz'at say? Aven't got me readers!!!


  Stuartli 09:52 17 Dec 2003

You probably need to get one of these first (remember following the link yesterday?):

click here

and then apply cycose's last paragraph advice...:-))

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