Free PC Advisor not supplied.

  rtwoi 17:50 07 Sep 2011

In March I took up the PC Advisor offer of a free copy. A lady persuaded me to take out a subscription for 6 copies.

I have received my 6 paid for copies but not the free copy.

I have phoned 6 times and each time been promised that the free copy is available and will be dispatched in 7-10 working days.

I was even told that it would be sent recorded delivery.

The sales team phoned me to ask me to renew my subscription. I told them about my problem and they said they would get one delivered.

Again it did not arrive.

IDG either have staff that consistently lie or they have a serious problem with their internal systems which the staff have no inclination to investigate.

Is this a common experience ?

  Forum Editor 18:01 07 Sep 2011

Please send me an email with your subscriber number and your full postal address.

I've already passed your complaint to the person concerned.

  Covergirl 07:53 08 Sep 2011

imho PCA subs are too efficient. They were calling me something like every 6 months to offer me 3 or 4 issues for £1 and also a sister magazine at one point. Anyhow I eventually started refusing (nicely) and the phone calls have just about dried up now. Phew - I started feeling guilty.

  emmavanb 14:36 08 Sep 2011

Hello rtwoi,

If you could please email me (or our forum Editor) your address, I can get your free copy out to you. I will also make sure we don't send you any issues you already have so if you could please specify which issue you would like to receive.

My apologies that your free issue has not shown up. We have not had that many complaints that free copies have not shown up. I have raised your complaint with our subscription bureau (who sent out all free copies on PC Advisor's behalf) to see whether they can shed any light on why your copy has not shown up.

My email address is [email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks, Emma van Beurden

  Forum Editor 23:12 09 Sep 2011

By way of an update to Emma's last post.....

We regret to say that we are unable to send you the May edition of the magazine, because all copies in the print run have now gone. Emma has arranged for you to receive an additional two copies at the end of your current subscription - I hope that is an acceptable alternative.

You should shortly receive a letter of confirmation from our subscriptions bureau.

  rtwoi 23:03 13 Sep 2011

I have previously replied to this but for some reason the response has not been recorded. Yes the copies at the end of my subscription will be an acceptable alternative. I look forward to receiving the letter of confirmation from the subscriptions bureau.

I would still like an explanation of 1. Why I did not receive my free copy the 6 times I was told it was on its way. 2. Why no one was empowered to escalate my complaint and 3. Why no one thought it was an issue that required some investigation.

  iscanut 19:24 14 Sep 2011

Not wishing to offend but it's getting a bit pedantic now isn't ? You have had an apology and a good offer. You had the paid for mags without a problem. How about closing the thread now ?

  rtwoi 00:29 29 Sep 2011

I am pleased to say that I have received the letter of confirmation (while I was on holiday) dated 10/9/2011. I do not think it appropriate to close the thread until the issues I have raised have been resolved.

  Forum Editor 22:59 29 Sep 2011

The issues have been resolved. You were offered two free copies of the magazine, and you said that was acceptable. You've confirmed that you have received the letter of confirmation from our subscriptions bureau - what else is there to resolve?

  rtwoi 23:16 29 Sep 2011

The issues to be resolved are: 1. Why I did not receive my free copy the 6 times I was told it was on its way. 2. Why no one was empowered to escalate my complaint and 3. Why no one thought it was an issue that required some investigation.

Any complaint resolution process should have two main elements: a. If the customer has a genuine cause for complaint this should be resolved to their satisfaction. b. What needs to be done to ensure that the root causes of the complaint are eliminated.

Feel free to ring me so I can elaborate.

  Forum Editor 23:56 29 Sep 2011

I'm sorry, but nobody will be calling you so you 'can elaborate'. This isn't a court of law, we're talking about a single missed copy of a magazine. As iscanut has said, you've received an apology, and an offer which you've accepted - there's no need to try to make more of it than there was.

The matter has been resolved as far as we're concerned.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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