Free Optical Character recognition - Any good?

  compumac 16:30 05 Mar 2018

Can anyone recommend any free Character Recognition Software? It is years since I have had a use for same and things move on.

Last time I purchased this type of software it cost me a mint. (many years ago)

  wee eddie 17:29 05 Mar 2018

Most Scanners come with a basic OCR on the Driver Disk, which should be downloadable from the Home Site

  HondaMan 17:40 05 Mar 2018

I have always used the "free" OCR software and found them to be perfectly acceptable for the home user. Saves masses of re-typing.

  wiganken2 18:27 05 Mar 2018

I have had "Abbyy FineReader 12 sprint" installed since November 2017 and it was free then and works brilliantly. Now I can't find how to get this version for free. Maybe you can investigate. Also see the following alternatives: - click here .

  compumac 18:37 05 Mar 2018

I have some forms with required boxes to fill in and wish to do this via Word as I have done in the past using OCR but these were the paid for programmes aeons ago. The software that came with the printer is basic to say the least seemingly only scanning text,

  compumac 21:53 05 Mar 2018


I have tonight downloaded a trial version of Abby Fine Reader 14 but have yet to find out how to scan a document containing text and boxes (for filling in) into perhaps Word and then put your own text into those boxes.

The OCR software that I had many years ago was relatively straightforward in that scanning it into Word I could do everything I required. I have been racking my memory to remember what that software was.

  john bunyan 22:41 05 Mar 2018

Was it OmniPage ?

  compumac 09:21 06 Mar 2018

John Bunyan

Yes. Funnily enough I was racking my brains to think what it was and in the middle of the night it came to me, - I got up and wrote OMNIPAGE on a pieces of paper by the side of the bed in case I forgot.

Lo and behold this morning I turned on Tech Advisor and there you were also!

  compumac 09:25 06 Mar 2018

It has just occurred to me that I might have OMNIPAGE on my old, old PC - will have to look, but in the meantime there is a trial version available that I will download later today and try it.

Thanks for your input.

  compumac 09:40 06 Mar 2018

OmniPage download 1.7Gb!!

When I purchased the earlier versions (note plural s) they were on one disc!

  alanrwood 13:12 06 Mar 2018

That's progress for you.

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