powerless 19:15 15 Dec 2003
Locked exchange for your commitment to watch up to 3 minutes of advertising per hour of use.

click here


  mikef. 20:06 15 Dec 2003
  Quiller. 20:16 15 Dec 2003

Be extremely careful with this as this is very similar to a scam that is going around.

Two or three sets are sent out to show testimony's to the scheme. They either ask for a sum of money ( usually £80) to have the machine delivered. They also ask for your bank details or credit card number. Then suddenly the scheme is not economic and they pull the plug. Monies are lost and they suddenly go bankrupt.

This has happened to a few on other forums and watch for 3mins every hour for a free p.c. is also mentioned.

My advice would be if they ask for the cost of delivery or want your bank or credit card details avoid them like the black death.

  powerless 20:17 15 Dec 2003


  Quiller. 20:21 15 Dec 2003


Coundn't find an explanation for that in the dictionary powerless :-)

  powerless 20:23 15 Dec 2003

No its already been posted on the on here about this already.

Posted within seconds of each other, i was replying to mike :-))

  Quiller. 20:26 15 Dec 2003

Sorry, my confusion :(

Yes I have just read mike's post also:)

  Belatucadrus 18:13 16 Dec 2003

Metronomy are registered at companies house click here, though at a different address, so assuming it is them and it's a scam, it's extremly elaborate.

The concept of having compulsory adds come up and taking over the screen for one minute in twenty sounds really irritating though.

  Jester2K II 18:17 16 Dec 2003

Almost like surfing the web...

  Gaz 25 18:45 16 Dec 2003

1) On screen advertising: In exchange for your free PC, you must accept up to 3 minutes of on-screen advertising per hour of PC use. Every month, you will receive a cd containing adverts to be shown over the following four weeks. Each disc must be loaded onto your PC for the system to update. Should you fail to do this, your PC will be disabled.

How the heck can they disable your PC?

  Gaz 25 18:48 16 Dec 2003

Q: Can I protect my children against adult-orientated advertising?

A: All Metronomy computers are fitted with Windows XP which allows you to set up different profiles for the members of your family. The advertising shown will be suitable for the person who is logged on to the PC at that time. If you do not use these profiles advert timings will reflect current broadcasting legislation - such as the 9pm watershed, thus after this adult adverts will be displayed. P/N there is no option to disable the adverts.

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