Free dell laptop when?

  Daxsimus 15:09 01 Sep 2007

Hi guys,
Saw the following:

click here

Free laptop through Carphone Warehouse but does anyone know what date it starts? Doesn't seem to say unless I am being totally blind.

Thanks Dax

  Clapton is God 16:02 01 Sep 2007

"Doesn't seem to say"

No, it doesn't - at least not in so many words.

But what it does say is "register now - with no commitment - and you'll be advised when the offer is launched".

  alan2273 23:16 01 Sep 2007

Free the laptop may be but a Celeron processor and they say it is worth £450, some one is having a laugh.

  harps1h 00:05 02 Sep 2007

they certainly are. but not everyone is as knowledgeable as those on the server and the 5/8th guy on the street doesn't know a celeron from a celery

  SANTOS7 00:09 02 Sep 2007

Minimum contract with AOL for 24 months, think i'd rather have the Celery...

  smoking44 00:21 02 Sep 2007

They will give you a laptop that is at least 3yrs out of date.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:00 02 Sep 2007

There is some utter rubbish being written here. The laptop is perfectly good and they retail for around £550/£650 but with a better processor. For the use of 99% of the population the Celeron processor is more than adequate. If the offer costs no more than normal broadband, even with a 2 yr contract (you will find that many people have been with their provider for 2+ years, including myself) and if you are happy with AOL (as many are) the laptop will be great as a primary use machine or for the children. Don't listen to processor snobs.


  spuds 11:59 02 Sep 2007

PC World/Orange now CPW/AOL. Appears that they are all doing similar offers, perhaps as a students incentive!.

No doubt other companies will follow, but watch out for fixed contract terms.

  Daxsimus 14:43 02 Sep 2007

Thx for all responses.
Not bothered myself about the processor as the laptop will be used by the kids keeping them off mine.

  wolfie3000 16:01 02 Sep 2007

I agree,

Firstly iv been with AOL for nearly 4 years and its perfect for my needs,

The laptop itself would be perfect for students and school kids,

ALso general websurfing and e-mail,

Obviously you wont be able to play high spec games or do full 3d rendering, but for schools kids and such its perfect.

  wjrt 17:51 02 Sep 2007

click here
at the time of this posting the laptop was due in September so it could be available shortly

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