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  T0SH 14:10 18 Oct 2009

When is a item advertised as "Free Delivery" not free ?

When you buy from Ebuyer and have a postal address in Scotland

But only appears when you reach the checkout stage when the stated "free delivery" gets changed to an added

"Shipping method: 3 Working Daysat:£5.50"

delivery charge

To add insult to injury their address is give as north yorkshire which is closer to Scotland than it is to a lot of areas in England

Could it be some sort of a stealth Tax ?

Or should we be playing the racial discrimination card maybe ?

Cheers HC

  T0SH 14:01 24 Oct 2009

Happy to report that UPS did deliver at about 4.30 pm Friday despite their tracking system saying otherwise

I have also had a response from ebuyer appologising for the delay and indicating that on my next order I can have overnight delivery for free ?

so I will mark this thread as resolved just after I post thanks for all your interest and responses

Cheers HC

  spuds 18:36 24 Oct 2009

Should you have further problems with Ebuyer, you could try Amando Sanchez, Operations Director on 01430 433616.

  T0SH 15:01 03 Nov 2009

The saga continues, today I identified a requirement for a larger sized hard drive on one of our laptops, so following a quick check on prices I found myself back on the ebuyer site thinking if I order a laptop hard drive from them I can utilise the free delivery as the extract under

"I have added a free shipping token to your account that will be used against the next order that is placed on a next day service and weighing up to 10kg

I apologise for any inconvenience or annoyance caused."

Went through the add to basket choose next day delivery and proccede to checkout via logging on to my account, only to find a warning that next day delivery is not available to my postcode and then noted they are charging me "Shipping £2.80"+ VAT in place of my free next day delivery ?

This begs the question does anyone in this organisation know or care what goes on

cheers HC

  wee eddie 02:20 04 Nov 2009

Delivery to the Highlands and Islands costs more and you live in the Granite City if I remember rightly.

Whether you like it or not, to the best of my knowledge all suppliers work that way, as they get charged extra by the Mail Companies.

  T0SH 16:27 04 Nov 2009

Wee Eddie

I take it you were asleep during geograpy lessons at school :¬)

Perhaps a little revision is required I live in the area marked 5 where you would be the area marked 12 the Highland area is marked 4

click here

As to wheather the couriers charge extra if of no significance as this is the informantion on delivery of my latest order

"This order will be delivered by Royal Mail"

and for sure they do not charge extra for deliveries to anywhere in the UK

Cheers HC

  spuds 18:06 04 Nov 2009

I gave you a direct contact point within Ebuyer (24/10/2009), so why do you not try and use it, then you might have the answer that you are trying to complain about.

That what as already been suggested, different carriers have different methods of charging and delivering, and the supplier will be held to these arrangements, and its usually explained in the suppliers terms and conditions. I do not know how it stands nowadays, but once upon a time, some carriers would not deliver to Northern Ireland, and if they did, there could have been an 'upto' £25.00 surcharge added.

  T0SH 18:39 05 Nov 2009


I do appreciate the telephone number and contact name for ebuyer

I do wonder if I did use it what good it would do after all there customer complaints department were unable to deliver their free next day delivery they promised after the problems with the delivery and additional charges that caused me to open this thread in the first place

apparently their computer system over rules anything they try to offer compensation

In answer to your statement on courier charges I will refer you to this extract from a post i made earlier

"During the last 20 years of my working life (now retired) I had regular daily contact with delivery couriers of all shades and textures, never once were we ever charged a penny extra for deliveries to any location on the UK mainland

the exceptions were deliveries to anywhere that involved a ferry crossing and a lack of a next day or AM delivery service to more remote rural areas"

I am still awaiting a response from ebuyer to my latest enote

After I recieve it and depending on content I may consider using that telephone number

Cheers HC

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