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  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 13:46 03 Apr 2005

Back in febuary 2005 I received a letter from my (ISP) telling me that at the end of march 2005 they would be boosting the speed of my (ISP) BB service from 256kbps to 512kbps completely FREE of charge. I have checked my speed and its currently still runnig at 236kbps upstream and 230kbps downstream that does not look like an increase to me that looks SLOWER than the 256kbps I am currently subsribed to. Has anyone else had this problem, How did you solve it. Any info would be great thanks

  pj123 14:02 03 Apr 2005

Who is your ISP? I am with NTL and I started off at 600 which was then upped to 750 and now to 1mb, (in fact it should be 2mb but as my set top box is only capable of an increase up to 1mb that is what I have, unless I ring them and get a new box installed).

Most of the BB suppliers are in the process of upping the speed (in case they lose you to another). Perhaps it's not your turn yet, after all it's only just "the end of March".

Give it some more time.

  Stuartli 16:37 03 Apr 2005

The switchover via BT exchanges will take several weeks to complete - the move results from BT upgrading of broadband speeds coupled with reduced charges for its supply service to ISPs.

Some subscribers have speeded up their upgrade by paying their ISP to have it applied manually by BT engineers at their exchange.

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