free bb 2 good 2 b true ??

  dawnyworld 14:31 27 Jan 2003
  powerless 15:15 27 Jan 2003
  Djohn 15:19 27 Jan 2003

dawnyworld, don't know, but I've registered an interest. Terms and conditions seem ok, and information requested is not intrusive.

  Djohn 15:25 27 Jan 2003

email conformation took 30 seconds!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:00 27 Jan 2003

The company which owns the site is called..*ahem, ahem*.....' World of Profit Limited' \eyes raise. click here for any Doubting Thomases.

I therefore rest my case and a cynical, triple...... Meh!.


  Djohn 18:15 27 Jan 2003

The company in no way tries to hide the name of it's parent company and is listed under terms and conditions.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:31 27 Jan 2003

I remain totally unconvinced..lunch, free, ain't no such thing etc.


  Djohn 19:03 27 Jan 2003

GANDALF <|:-)> Me too, regarding the free lunch bit, but as I said above the only details asked for so far are, name, address, and email.

I'm intrigued enough to find out more!

  spuds 19:03 27 Jan 2003

Was Incorporated as a Private Limited Company [04582860]on the 6th November 2002.The registered address is 8 Alveston Close-Redditch-B98 0TF.

If anyone lives in the Redditch area or knows of this company , perhaps they can inform us of the probabilities of this free bb offer.

  Djohn 19:12 27 Jan 2003

Wonder if there is any connection with this.

Be a DIY ISP for £300
[MacUser] 16:43

A UK company has put together a package that can enable you to set up as a small Internet Service Provider for £300.
The Locustworld Meshbox broadcasts an Internet connection to any computer or other device with 802.11b wireless connectivity (AirPort and Wi-Fi for example). The resultant shared network is known as a mesh.

Most importantly, perhaps, this device could be used to bring broadband to areas of the UK not covered by BT or cable. Community groups could buy a leased line from BT and then share the connection wirelessly.

Alternatively a standard broadband connection could be shared, with the costs divided amongst users. Recent changes to regulations made by Oftel now permitted single connections to be shared by as many as 20 different users.

What makes this technology viable now, and at such a low cost, is new mesh software developed by SMS-pioneer Jon Anderson. Not only does it allow the mesh network to be run from a simple PC-style box such as the Meshbox (rather than proprietary hardware) which keeps costs low, it allows multiple mesh boxes to link together and enables more than one broadband connection to be shared. The combination of these two innovations means the technology can be used to create large wireless networks - in effect you can become your own ISP.

This development should allow more towns and villages to follow the example of Denham, Bucks and Kingsbridge, Devon, the UK's first mesh network. More information about the legal and technical issues involved in setting up your own wireless community can be found at click here. has a Jon Anderson article about the project.

  jazzypop 19:16 27 Jan 2003

"1. The link that Dicmay posted was corrupted by the PCA translation. When you click on it, you receive an error message. Simply add a comma to the address in the browser bar and hit Enter, and the article will appear.

2. Reading between the lines of the company's response, I would guess that it is another of these 'we'll give the product away, because the advertising that you are forced to view will pay for the product'.

This has been tried several times before - I recall a US firm was giving away free PCs that had been modified to display adverts at the firm's time and place of choosing.

To my knowledge, no-one has made this business model succeed yet.

Incidentally, you need to be in a Cable area to be able to take advantage of the offer."

Taken from the thread that Powerless provided.

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