'Free' All In One Printer From DELL

  dameon 09:30 13 Mar 2004

Ok before I start I just want to say that my experience with Dell has been second to none, ordered my pc (9th March), received a call from Dell and my pc is due to be delivered 15th March - not bad at all. The query I have is that when ordering there was an offer on for a 'FREE' all in one printer. I actually have a canon printer and have no need whatsoever for the all in one but you can't opt out on the website. Why am I moaning? It was after all FREE. On inspecting my order confirmation I discovered that I had been charged £36.85 + VAT for the printer. I contacted Dell to see if I could cancel the printer and because they had been so efficient the pc was already post production and I was informed that I would have to return it when it arrives but the lady I spoke to wasn't sure if I'd get a refund for it. My question is what am I entitled to? Has anyone else been in a similar situation? It's all well and good enticing customers with 'free' offers but ultimately it has to add cost to whatever is being bought - it is only disguised! I'd rather keep to the plain and simple ordering of what I want - am I the only one?

  georgemac 10:07 13 Mar 2004

I was looking at the dell site on behalf of a friend who is looking for a pc - the dimension 2400 advertised in the national press for £650 inc vat and delivery with 17" tft (analogue) & double ram when ordered online looked too good to be true.

Went online and it could only be purchased online using the credit facilities option which greatly increased the price, to I think just under £800

result = no sale!

  spuds 10:24 13 Mar 2004

You say that you have been charged £36.85 + vat for the 'free' printer. Was the price added on after you paid the advertised price of the package deal. If so, then Dell cannot do this, and a refund is due to you. If the £36.85 + vat was included, which brought the invoice price to the same value as stated in the advertised package price, then Dell may have done this for administration/invoicing purposes.

The price you saw advertised for the package deal, including the 'free' printer, should be the total price that you pay. If you have a different response from Dell, then take the problem up with your credit card or computer finance company. I hope that you downloaded or have a copy of the original advert handy!.

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