Free 1 TeraByte Email Services with IMAP and POP3!

  GibsonSt19 20:05 31 Aug 2005

How mad is this?!

click here

Who on EARTH could make use of that?!

  Fateful Shadow 20:49 31 Aug 2005 is a bit...o.t.t???

I think the phrase, "going from the sublime to the ridiculous" fits well here :P

  powerless 22:56 31 Aug 2005

Not the first and won't be the last, all coming from Googles prime.

  Forum Editor 10:05 01 Sep 2005

Anyone can run a mailserver, and promise users that they can have a Squigglebyte of server space - knowing full well that nobody will ever use anything remotely approaching that figure.

It's a promise that never has to be made good.

  Magic Hobo 11:46 01 Sep 2005

which anybody knows where you can sign up for spam because i want to see how much (in megabytes) I can get into this email account

  Gaz 25 18:38 01 Sep 2005


Nothing directly odd about it, but I did notice a few things...

Run from a Telus Connections Home ADSL connection in vancoover, may very well violate terms and conditions of ISP, so it may not last long.

It runs merak mail server, which is expensive but easy to use managed mail server software.

Like forum editor said, no one can use that space so it probably won't allow that much. I doubt even Gmail can hardly cope with the 2Gb they are offering - I think they no know no one will use that much.

As for sending it spam, I had a script that you could define a mail address in PHP and it would send a lot of mail.

Anyway, what I'd do is go to every site you can and sign up for everything, newsletters, the lot. Or send it some big attachments, lol. :-s

  Magic Hobo 21:08 01 Sep 2005

I'll report back in a couple of hours

  Magic Hobo 21:48 01 Sep 2005

where it gives you links to sign up to spam at click here alot of the links don't work but some do

  Magic Hobo 22:09 01 Sep 2005

Mailnation has spam protection so hardly anything got through

  Forum Editor 00:15 02 Sep 2005

to discuss spamming anyone - even your own mail account. It's illegal to send spam via a mailserver, and if your ISP spots what's going on you'll be suspended - or even prosecuted. Don't think that your activities won't be detected either, because they will.

  Magic Hobo 16:35 06 Sep 2005

I apologise if I have broken any rules.

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